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Frank & Oak


One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was this Griffin Shirt from Frank & Oak. If you haven’t heard of the company yet, I highly recommend checking them out.

Every month, the Montreal-based Frank & Oak creates a limited collection of premium wardrobe staples for under $50. Items range from tees, shirts, pants, ties, accessories and their latest addition: blazers (which are priced at the $85-$95 range). Frank & Oak regularly features a fantastic selection of fabric choices which pay homage to the classic workwear aesthetic, providing something for everyone. Popular items may get re-released from time to time, but if you see something you like, I suggest you buy it. Because once it’s gone, it’s gone.


The fit of this shirt is incredible. The body and sleeves are perfectly cut, giving the shirt a much sleeker, tailored look than I have never seen in a flannel. The armholes are nice and high so the sleeves don’t billow like most flannels, and the smaller collar is a nice update to the classic shirt which usually features a button collar. It looks just as good with a tie as it does unbuttoned. I’ve washed the shirt a few times since the holidays, each time being overly cautious that it doesn’t end up in the dryer and shrink. Most of their other shirts, however, are pre-washed. So this shouldn’t be a problem for other fabrics. The only complaint I have is this thing is a stuff magnet. Every bit of dust, hair or lighter pilling fabric it touches ends up on the flannel. I’ll chalk this up to the fabric color and material, but it’s nothing a lint brush can’t cure.

Lastly, another great feature Frank & Oak offers is their Hunt Club Program. Upon joining, 3 items based on your  style preferences are sent to your home to try for free. Whatever you want, you buy. Whatever you don’t gets sent back free of charge. You also gain access to exclusive products and 10% credited back to your account for every purchase made. If you don’t happen to see anything you like on a certain month, you can skip that month’s delivery free of charge. Affordable, impeccably designed wardrobe staples delivered to your home, every month for free… Why would’t you join?!

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