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So, the last few nights I’ve been having this need to stop by a particle Salvation Army on my way home. It was just a feeling I had, like I was being drawn to it. I finally stopped in last night and Sweet Jesus! What a score! Not one, not two, but three Harris Tweed blazers! I’ve been searching for at least one for quite a while now, and to find three blazers (in my size no less) I had to buy them… God, the wife is gonna kill me.

I was surprised at how well they fit, although a good dry cleaning and an alteration here or there couldn’t hurt. The shoulder padding was minimal on all of them which I loved, and I was amazed at how slim the sleeves fit. The Cesarani was particularly nice with some added details like a back vent button, but the gray Stanley Blacker I think is my favorite. I’ve already worn it out in the frigid temperatures and for as thin as the jacket is, it’s incredibly warm. The Klienhans comes in as a close second because of the Buffalo history attached to it, but out of all them, it fit the biggest. More around a 40 than a 38, which I prefer. I love the coloring and if any of these got a trip to the tailor it would be this one.

Most amazing, however, is that all of three of these gems came to a grand  total of… wait for it… $16. Best. Thift. Ever.







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