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Mom did everyone a favor and posted a bunch of photos of me on Facebook for my birthday. After looking at them, it’s pretty clear that I’ve always been a pretty sharp dresser. Hairstyles not so much, but my gear was always on point. Dandy from birth? Well, you decide.

BTW, everything about this below photo is awesome. My aunt’s early 90’s hair style, my grandfather’s crest blazer, repp tie and pocket square, my brother rocking the bow tie and double breasted pink blazer, and yours truly looking bad ass in a pair of high waisted pleated slacks, perfectly shine shoes with matching belt, pink button down with a popped collar and Miami Vice shades. Awesome.



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Decked out in a fantastically fitted Alexander McQueen tuxedo, Skull slippers, and Omega watch,  Les Mis star (and one of the few people in the movie that could actually sing) Eddie Redmayne was the clear winner of Best Dressed at the Oscars.

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Tried to keep it pretty casual this weekend as it was spent mostly rearranging furniture and bedrooms in preparation for Dandy Jr. Thankfully, New Orleans-based Skip N’ Whistle was kind enough to send me one of their tee’s keep me looking Dandy while dressing down. Comprised of mostly vintage artwork and even a Buffalo exclusive design, I really like some of the more nautical and gentlemanly-themed designs. Be sure to check out their printed scarfs and messenger bags as well.



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Must be a Dandy Bulldog kind of week, because this Bow Tie from Duke & Winston is fantastic and perfect for Bow Tie Friday. Be sure to check out the rest of their site as well for Dandy puppy accessories, clothing, leather goods and more.

[via Duke & Winston]
Our Classic woven bulldog logo on gold bowties hand crafted by a single Amish seamstress with 30 years experience in her shop in the heart of Amish Country. We are proud to be able to produce these not only in the USA but right here in Pennsylvania.


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Call me nostalgic, but I’ve always preferred the retro NFL logos to the current ones. That is until I saw these Dandified re-imagined versions by artist David Rappoccio. David took each logo and team name and recreated them to represent “the British Proper Gentleman”. Some favorites are included after the jump, but you can check out the entire collection here.


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Burger Bowl 2013


Just a reminder that this Saturday is the much anticipated Burger Bowl 2013 held at Ireland’s Own at 5pm. Open to the public, pre-sale tickets are $25 but $30 at the door. Price includes unlimited food, draft beer and well drinks with all proceeds being donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. Burgers are judged on taste, presentation and uniqueness. There will also be a 50/50 at the door and an auction at the end of the night.

The event is a blast, both for burger connoisseurs and food-lovers alike. The wife was on the judges panel last year (a blessing/curse depending on how hungry you are) and said these were easily some of the most incredible burgers she has ever had in her life. With more than 300 people expected in attendance this year, the pressure is on and the competition will be fierce. For a glimpse of what to expect, check out last years entries and start salivating.

If you’re looking to be part of the action, for an extra $10 you can become an audience judge where you are guaranteed a sample of every burger in the competition and vote for which is best in the “Peoples Choice” Award.

The event is becoming so huge it even caught the eye of the Buffalo News which ran an article on Man’s Night and Burger Bowl here. Hope to see everyone there!

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Somewhat of a newcomer to the shoe game, Chicago-based Austen Heller was kind enough to offer me a discount on a pair of Luck of the Irish suede loafers to review.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box to see a pair of cedar shoe trees included with the loafers. Handmade in Portugal, the construction was sturdy and the suede had a nice, rugged feel to it. I loved the contrast stitching and colored soles, plus the calfskin lining added that touch of lux to the shoe.

While the shoes were extremely comfortable and ordered a size down (per Austen Heller’s suggestion), they still fit too big. I usually run about a 11.5 or 12 and at an 11 they were sliding off the back of my feet with socks on. Since I would most likely wear these sockless during the Summer, the sizing just did’t work for me. Half sizes aren’t available, but I can’t imagine I would fit into a 10. That being said, I think Austen Heller may need to re-evaluate their sizing. Something like this could only benefit the company in the future.


I tried the loafers out with a couple of outfits at home and while I loved how they looked, in the end I decided they were a bit too casual for my taste. Even with their generous discount, I didn’t feel comfortable spending the money on a pair of shoes that didn’t really fit and wouldn’t be worn all the time, so unfortunately I’ll be returning them.



I still think that Austen Heller makes a sharp looking loafer, and they do a fine job of combining a casual look with a luxury feel. Their color combinations are great and if the wife hadn’t threatened me with castration, I would have considered the Red Rovers. Sadly not for me, but I highly recommend checking out their site and seeing if you can’t find a pair to suit your needs.


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Happy Birthday Remi


Everyone be sure to wish Remi a happy 2nd Birthday if you see him. He’s currently puppy wasted off his Birthday Puppy Cake.

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Spiegelau IPA Glass


German glassmaker Spiegelau recently collaborated with Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada to create the first glass specifically designed for drinking Indian Pale Ales.

The glass has three main components. 1.The thinness of the glass helps keep the beer cold. 2.The ridges on the bottom aerate the liquid and reinforces the robust head (which traps the carbonation). 3.Lastly, the aromas are captured by the concave top and act as a “olfactory cannon” aimed at your nose.

My sisiter-in-law called in a few favors and was kind enough to get us a set from the Dogfish Head Brewery this weekend. We poured the same IPA into both a regular pint glass and the Spiegelau in order to do a proper taste test. Taking a sip from one and then the other, there was a clear difference in both the flavor intensity and aroma from the Spiegelau. The beer in the pint glass lacked the crisp flavor and just felt flat by comparison. Bottom line, if you’re a beer lover, specifically one of the IPA persuasion, this glass is a game-changer and a must-have. Available here in May.


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Happy Valentine’s Day


So you didn’t get her anything and all the restaurants are booked… not to worry. Put this record on and let the romance begin. If she gives you a hard time, just be like: “Baby, this record was denounced by the Vatican! My love for you is that intense.” 

If that doesn’t work, I guess it’s time to watch The Notebook again.

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