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Junya7 Junya6 Junya5 Junya2 Junya1 BLOGcabournAW12_8 BLOGcabournAW12_6 BLOGcabournAW12_4 BLOGcabournAW12_2 Nigel Cabourn & Junya Watanabe MAN spin on colorbocking and tweeds

We still have a month or two of Winter left , so we might as well still “ooooo” and “ahhh” on some cool ideas for tweedy outerwear and and jackets. These photos are from Nigel Cabourn & Junya Watanabe MAN. Junya Watanabe MAN’s take on a denim jacket with amazing details is killer! As well as Nigel Cabourn’s donegal tweed sportcoat that used 3 different colors. It goes without saying “to tweed or not to tweed … there is no question”. These are all from their Autumn 12 collection.


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