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In case you didn’t read last years list of favorite Valentine’s Day restaurants, you should. Pretty much all of the restaurants remain in the top 5, but I wanted to add a few additions to the list based on my own experience as well as a few recommendations by friends. Once again, if you’re hoping to get a reservation this late in the game, best of luck to you, sir.


Black Rock KitchenThis is a trendier selection if you are looking for something more casual with a cool atmosphere. The menu is intimidating for some and the noise level makes it difficult to have an intimate dinner alone, however, many rank this place as a great hangout and perfect for a first date. 716-551-0261


Scarlet I really like the atmosphere in Scarlet. From the vines crawling up the exposed brick wall to the tables for two overlooking the bar. The prices are very reasonable but the service and food can be hit or miss sometimes. This place could easily be substituted for Mothers across the street, but I don’t know… Something about this place that I’ve just always enjoyed going there. So it makes the list. 716-884-2630


Mike A’s A new addition to the Buffalo Restaurant scene Mike A’s restaurant located in the beautifully restored Lafayette Hotel. Mike’s A’s prides itself on their service and presentation. The food is phenomenal and the staff is incredibly helpful and knowledgable. Just be sure to dress to impress and bring your checkbook as the menu is a bit pricey. An elegant dining experience for steak lovers and history buffs alike. 716-253-6453


Tempo Another local favorite, Tempo is a great, high-end restaurant with an amazing menu and romantic atmosphere. Dimly lit during the evening, the back room is a great spot to cozy up with one another and have an intimate evening staring into each others eyes. It gets a bit crowded being a Buffalo favorite and the menu can be on the pricey side. But if you’re looking for a place to impress your lady friend, this is certainly a great place to start. 716-885-1594


Buffalo Chop House – Full disclosure: I have never eaten at the Chop House, I’ve only ever stopped in for a night cap. The main reason we haven’t eaten there is because this place is off the charts expensive. A favorite amongst local celebs, CEO’s and big wigs, the interior of the Chop House looks amazing. With a classic, upscale decor and American style menu, it’s mostly the experience that keeps patrons returning to the Chop House. Admittedly there are plenty of other steak houses in town with far more reasonable prices, but few can match the romantic old-world atmosphere of the Chop House. This is one of the few places still adverstising available reservations, just be prepared for a substantial hit to your wallet. But what the hell, it’s Valentine’s Day. 716-842-6900


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