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Tomorrow is officially a work holiday (whoo hoo) so I’m relaxing tonight with some light hearted tunes with this Ragtime album by Harry Breuer and a Commodore Perry IPA by Great Lakes Brewery.


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My good friend, fellow Dandy and BD contributor Mr. Pentheros has recently taken his love of whiskey to the interwebs with a new blog called The Buffalo Whiskey Guild. If you’ve scrolled through Buffalo Dandy recently, you may have noticed a BWG badge on the side of the site in support of this new, but extremely well written and knowledgable blog. With scotch currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity with a slew of new distilleries and craftsmen, a site like this is invaluable to anyone looking to learn more about the world of whiskey.


“Whiskey is the most diverse, complex and unique spirit in the world. It has a rich and layered history that spans centuries and cultures alike. Its types and forms are vast and starkly varying. Whiskey is an artform and the Buffalo Whiskey Guild’s mission is to bring the artform of whiskey to life.

The Buffalo Whiskey Guild provides whiskey education so that appreciation and enjoyment can be realized. We are based in the greater Buffalo area and are passionate about bringing the world of whiskey to this fantastic area. As Buffalo loves its beer, it will soon love its whiskey.”

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It was recently brought to our attention that the Metropolitan Museum of Art is currently hosting an exhibit called Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity which has suddenly sky-rocked to the top of our “must see” list.

Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity presents a revealing look at the role of fashion in the works of the Impressionists and their contemporaries. Some eighty major figure paintings, seen in concert with period costumes, accessories, fashion plates, photographs, and popular prints, highlight the vital relationship between fashion and art during the pivotal years, from the mid-1860s to the mid-1880s, when Paris emerged as the style capital of the world. With the rise of the department store, the advent of ready-made wear, and the proliferation of fashion magazines, those at the forefront of the avant-garde—from Manet, Monet, and Renoir to Baudelaire, Mallarmé, and Zola—turned a fresh eye to contemporary dress, embracing la mode as the harbinger of la modernité. The novelty, vibrancy, and fleeting allure of the latest trends in fashion proved seductive for a generation of artists and writers who sought to give expression to the pulse of modern life in all its nuanced richness. Without rivaling the meticulous detail of society portraitists such as James Tissot or Alfred Stevens or the graphic flair of fashion plates, the Impressionists nonetheless engaged similar strategies in the making (and in the marketing) of their pictures of stylish men and women that sought to reflect the spirit of their age.

The collection is comprised of eight separate galleries all with different motifs. Obviously the one which most piques our interest here at Buffalo Dandy is Gallery Six entitled Frocks Coats and Fashion: The Urban Male. 

While dress codes for women dictated a full panoply of outfits, the options for men in the late nineteenth century were simple, limited, and for both wearer and artist not terribly inspiring. Artists met the challenge of adding distinction to their depictions of the modern man with inventive cropping or poses and the novel use of accessories (typified by an assortment of period headwear and canes on view).




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Yesterday was the 4th Annual Buffalo Tweed Ride and whew, it was a brisk one this year! An impressive amount of brave souls ventured out into the mid-30 degree “Spring” day as we rode along the waterfront and Buffalo’s Bike path. Thankfully, I had brought my tweed headphones to keep my ears warm which also garnered several compliments. Fellow Dandy Mr. Fitzpatrick also accompanied me to this year’s ride as the wife was home being pregnant, and he came in true Dandy fashion with his Gucci tweed ensemble. Personally he was my pick for best dressed, but alas, it was not meant to be.

A nice touch this year was the addition of a portable stereo that was towed behind a fellow rider which blasted old timey music as we traversed along the bike path. To see so many tweeders riding through Buffalo with the music playing in the background was such a site to behold and I absolutely loved it!

After a frigid ride and one flat tire, we retired to The Essex Pub to crush a cup of ale and partake in some Limburger cheese snacks from which my hands still smell of. All in all it was another great ride despite the weather and I look forward to the upcoming Summer Seersucker Ride. That is, if Summer ever gets here. Click below for more photos.


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Hickorees just released a bunch of new Spring bow ties from BD favorite The Hill-side.

So much for this weeks paycheck…


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Fellow blogger Nick over at has recently started an Indiegogo campaign for his new company: Flyover Press. The brand will feature a series of letterpress posters inspired by the states, regions, culture, heritage and people of the Midwest. Nick hopes it will eventually expand to include Midwestern themed apparel and accessories as well. Buffalo is just on the border (but not considered part of) the midwest and gets an equally unjust rep,  so I was more than happy to help spread the word about his new endeavor.

The 13″x20″ posters will be printed on high quality 110lb. letterpress paper in Chicago.  The three initial designs are the “Four Star Flag”, inspired by Chicago’s iconic city flag, “Ohio”, an homage to the Ohio license plate and “HOMES”, which pays tribute to the acronym we were taught to learn our Great Lakes. The t-shirts feature an outline of the Midwest filled in with an American flag printed on soft ringspun and combed cotton. All Flyover Press products are, and will always be, made in the USA.

A total of $2000 is needed to fund the first three prints, koozies, t-shirts and to set up an ecommerce web site. Check out his campaign page here and donate today.

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Big News…


Too dramatic? Anyways, I’m very excited to announce the upcoming issue of Buffalo Magazine will feature an article/photo spread by Buffalo Dandy. Keep your eyes peeled and be sure to pick up the issue which will be available March 24th.

More to follow…

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This Sunday is the Buffalo Lazy Randonneur Club’s 4th Annual Tweed Ride. An event that the wife and I look forward to every Spring, even though it’s been looking more like Winter as of late. The tweed will certainly aid in keeping you warm, as will the joyous activities that commence during the ride itself. Sadly the wife is sitting this year out as she is with child, but I’ve invited several fellow Dandies to come along and experience this fantastic event and I encourage you all to do the same. Each year, Buffalo’s Dandiest continue to inspire with their tweedy outfits and I’m sure this year will be no different. Be sure to check out the event’s facebook page for more info, and to relive some of last year’s highlights click here. We ride at the crack of Noon! Hope to see everyone there.

[via facebook]
We invite you all to join this year’s Tweed Ride. As usual we shall convene at our Waterfront Park downtown at noon on the first Sunday of Spring. There will be some milling about to greet old friends and take photos documenting our rise from Buffalo’s winter hibernation. At last we shall take to our riverside bike path and make our way to the crosstown Scajaquada Creek path to Olmsted’s Delaware Park at the Hoyt Lake landing. The landing is whence mighty Limburger shall be bestowed upon our finest representatives of the ride.

Afterwards, all participants and revelers may descend upon Mackey’s Essex Street Pub for repartee and repast. Please be encouraged to join in with a toast of your own. Mackey surely will have plenty of encouragement flowing to the more demure among us. 


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The wife and I have recently decided to join the rest of civilization and finally get iPhones. Naturally, my first order of business was finding the dandiest case possible. From the beginning I knew I wanted a real wood case and not a printed one. The trick, I found, is that often times the cases would add unwanted bulk to the phone. Something I definitely wanted to avoid. After a recommendation from a friend, I finally settled on the this wood case by Recover and couldn’t be happier.

Recover skins are precision laser-cut from authentic wood veneers. Each unique piece is hand sanded, stained, and lacquered to ensure long lasting beauty and protection. The case’s solid wood backplate is inlayed into a satin-coated polycarbonate bumper for a premium blend of long-lasting protection and originality. The low profile construction makes this the slimmest wood iPhone 5 case on the market. As an added bonus, if you check out their site today you can get an extra 10% off your purchase. If you’re looking for an affordable wooden iPhone case, look no further than Recover.



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My good friend and fellow Dandy Mr. D’Angelo was ever so kind to offer me some fabulous bow ties as a belated birthday gift including this fantastic Pucci piece on the left.  A larger size than your standard bow tie, these have a great old school feel and are a welcome addition to my bow tie collection. The only problem now is deciding which one to wear…

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