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If you’ve been flipping through GQ at all, you’ve noticed double breasted blazers making quite the comeback. But finding them in stores, for a reasonable price and a decent cut is difficult. Especially in Buffalo. That’s why I literally pumped the brakes at the mall yesterday when I saw these, making the “skreee” sound and everything.

These double breasted blazers from Express look fantastic. With a slimmer cut and the perfect length, both the structured and washed cotton options are clear winners for what to spend that birthday money on. You can even download a coupon online and get an extra $25 off every $100 you spend. Good thing, because I think the washed cotton option is a bit too over priced for what it is. I mean, I’m a baller and everything, but the only difference between this and the one from Target you can get for $40 is the double breasted part. Still… I want the crap out of these.



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