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Every man faces the daunting task of keeping his shirt tucked in throughout the day. The average man will simply re-tuck his shirt in several times a day, taking care not too expose whatever color undergarments he happens to be wearing. Others simply buy their shirts a longer length so the possibility of them coming undone is nigh impossible. There are, of course, other unconventional methods of keeping one’s shirt tucked properly as seen in the examples above.

The first is with the use of Shirt Stays (available here), which are basically garter belts for your shirts which also help keep your socks up. These are actually more common than one may believe, used regularly by military types and old-timey bartenders alike. While unseen, I can’t help but feel this is way over thinking things. The very thought of having to undo these to use the restroom makes me not want them. I will admit, however, that they are quite Dandy looking.

Leave it to fellow blogger and Dandy extraordinaire Dan Trepanier of to share his secret to mastering the art of the shirt tuck. Dan uses No-Slip Rubber Grips sewn into his inner waistband to keep shirts tucked at all times. A much more practical solution if you ask me, although it will require a trip to the tailors for the alteration. But these are the sacrifices one must make to look their Dandy best.



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