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The wife and I have recently decided to join the rest of civilization and finally get iPhones. Naturally, my first order of business was finding the dandiest case possible. From the beginning I knew I wanted a real wood case and not a printed one. The trick, I found, is that often times the cases would add unwanted bulk to the phone. Something I definitely wanted to avoid. After a recommendation from a friend, I finally settled on the this wood case by Recover and couldn’t be happier.

Recover skins are precision laser-cut from authentic wood veneers. Each unique piece is hand sanded, stained, and lacquered to ensure long lasting beauty and protection. The case’s solid wood backplate is inlayed into a satin-coated polycarbonate bumper for a premium blend of long-lasting protection and originality. The low profile construction makes this the slimmest wood iPhone 5 case on the market. As an added bonus, if you check out their site today you can get an extra 10% off your purchase. If you’re looking for an affordable wooden iPhone case, look no further than Recover.




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