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Yesterday was the 4th Annual Buffalo Tweed Ride and whew, it was a brisk one this year! An impressive amount of brave souls ventured out into the mid-30 degree “Spring” day as we rode along the waterfront and Buffalo’s Bike path. Thankfully, I had brought my tweed headphones to keep my ears warm which also garnered several compliments. Fellow Dandy Mr. Fitzpatrick also accompanied me to this year’s ride as the wife was home being pregnant, and he came in true Dandy fashion with his Gucci tweed ensemble. Personally he was my pick for best dressed, but alas, it was not meant to be.

A nice touch this year was the addition of a portable stereo that was towed behind a fellow rider which blasted old timey music as we traversed along the bike path. To see so many tweeders riding through Buffalo with the music playing in the background was such a site to behold and I absolutely loved it!

After a frigid ride and one flat tire, we retired to The Essex Pub to crush a cup of ale and partake in some Limburger cheese snacks from which my hands still smell of. All in all it was another great ride despite the weather and I look forward to the upcoming Summer Seersucker Ride. That is, if Summer ever gets here. Click below for more photos.



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