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Easter was fun and all, but pretty low key compared to last year. One of the reasons is because on Saturday I got to try this Glenlivet Vintage 1969 which completely made my entire weekend. Exceptionally rare with only 800 bottles sold in the US, it was originally retailing for $750 a bottle. However, recent online searches show it’s currently being purchased for $1000+ on some sites. Even more incredible than finding a bottle is that the bar was only charging $24 for a glass! So I calmly placed my money on the bar and waited…

As I put it to my nose, there were definite hints of cinnamon and firewood. The initial flavor had a lot of spice to it, which is something I’ve never encountered in a scotch before. Once the ice cube did it’s work, the wood bouquet really became prominent. There were flavor notes of caramel and cinnamon yet it had an extremely smooth finish. Once that first sip finally hits your stomach though: kapooyah! Like a depth charge going off. It was an exceptional experience that, like I said, pretty much made my entire weekend. Plus, trying a $24 dram of an awesome find compared to having to spend $1000 on a bottle (collecting aside of course) is always a good thing. Sláinte!



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