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If you’ve been watching any Buffalo Sabres or Bills games on TV, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the menswear store Napoli’s running some rather Dandy-looking commercials. Prior to this I had never heard of Napoli’s, but was none the less intrigued so I ventured out to their Transit Road store to learn more about this premium menswear destination.


The first thing you notice when you enter the store is how welcoming it is. With the amount of high-end brands that the store carries, one would think that the staff would be stuffy and unfriendly. Not at all the case. Every employee greats you with a smile and an eager, yet unobtrusive willingness to help. You are free to casually explore the store or take some time to relax in their leather lounge chairs and sip your complimentary espresso. As the name suggests, there is a heavy Italian influence at Napoli’s, featuring brands like Canali, Ermenegildo Zegna, Trussini, and Ibiza. They also offer several other luxury brands like Hugo Boss, Hickey Freeman, Coppley, Cole Hann and Eton among others.


I first met with Thomas Napoli, the Store’s Manager. Tom walked me through the store, showcasing some of their latest Spring collections and educating me on Napoli’s and the services they offer. One of the things that truly separates Napoli’s from other stores like O’Connell’s and Riverside is the fact that these stores mainly focus on more traditional clothing while Napoli’s is dressing the modern man. Offering updated fits, bolder patterns and custom detailing that’s hard to find in other places, the store provides old-world service with modern designs. Don’t think it’s all just suits and ties. Napoli’s also offers a wide range of casual-wear from everything to high-end denim, polo’s, sport shirts and shorts. Basically, everything a man needs to build a respectable wardrobe. However, these high-end offerings do not come without some considerable cost– of which Tom is fully aware. The average twenty-something who’s fresh out of college may have trouble shopping here, but Tom’s looking to change that:

“While our main clientele is certainly the mid-30’s and over crowd, it’s important moving forward for us to get our name into the head of the 23 year old that may or may not yet have the means to shop here. We should be the first place they think of to look their best so that when they’re ready, we’l be here for them…”





I walked through the store some more, sifting through their finely curated selection of ties, shoes and falling in love with their buttoned pocket squares before finally sitting down with Rico Marotto, their Made To Measure manager.

Rico explained the inner workings of their Made To Measure program which begins with an initial consultation, either at the store or your office. Clients then work with Rico to select swatches from their vast fabric library before moving onto the fitting (which is usually the easiest part, according to Rico). Final details like buttons and lining are added at the end. Custom Made To Measure Suits begin at $1095 and go up from there with an average suit retailing for around $1500.


I want to thank the Napoli’s crew for taking the time to show me around their store. They have a truly solid crew of fine gentleman (and ladies) working for them and I highly recommend stopping by to check out their stuff.

Napoli’s Per La Moda
5841 Transit Rd, East Amherst, NY 14051 | (716) 568-1910


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