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I tried calling in a few favors to get a pair of these Nike 1972 Quickstrikes this past weekend, but was unprepared for how fast they would sell out. Like, within 30 minutes after going on sale at 8am Saturday, every pair was gone. I knew I shouldn’t have rolled over for that extra 20 minutes of sleep… Made of premium leather in both a brown and deep red color with a goodyear welt sole and waxed cotton laces, it looks like even Nike wants to get into the Dandy game with these shoes.

Sneakerheads be crazy, but if you’re like me and admit there is something joie de vivre about these kicks, I’ve got good news. For what will undoubtedly be a short time, these limited edition Nikes will be available here on Wednesday. Check out the exclusive video by LACEBAG below.



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