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After being home for two weeks caring for Dandy Jr. and Mrs. Dandy, this past Saturday Mr. Pentheros and I decided to take a trip to Toronto to do some shopping. I had particular interest in stopping by the Brooks Brothers Flatiron Shop to check out the Great Gatsby Collection.

Targeting a younger generation, I love the look and feel of the Flatiron shops and their collection of slimmer cuts and modern wardrobe items steeped in tradition. Not everyone shares my feelings about the stores, but I’ve always been a sucker for shops that envoke a certain feeling, and the Flatiron shops do just that with their fine attention to details throughout the store. It was also a special treat to see first-hand the new KJP Brooks Brothers Bracelets and even picked one up for the wife for her first Mother’s Day.

Traffic was pretty rough getting in and out of the city, and I managed to yet again get a parking ticket (bad form, old sport). I did, however, enjoy the store immensely and managed to get my hands on one of the new Gatsby bow ties after they sold out rather quickly online. So all in all, not a bad trip.

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