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My parents are in town this week to help out with watching the kid, so Dad and I got to sitting around the turntable this evening as he flipped through my record collection. He pulled this vinyl gem out that I actually acquired from my mother-in-law and he proceeded to tell me how The Union Gap: Woman, Woman was the first record he ever received as a birthday gift. So we, along with my mom who chimed in with: “ooh I love this song” settled in for a relaxing Sunday evening. Paired  with a new favorite Vicory’s Summer Ale and you’ve got the makings for a perfect Summer night.


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Been a while since we had a proper Bow Tie Friday post, and it seems I had to… forage (haha) for some new companies to feature. Thanks to a tip from my old Vermont roommate, we’ve been introduced to Forage Haberdashery. Based in Philadelphia, each of their ties are hand-crafted in limited numbers using new, vintage and deadstock fabrics. They also make neckties, handkerchiefs and even (eep) matching bow ties for kids! Might have to start stocking up now for when the kid gets a little older. Thanks again for the tip, Wilsey!


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A lightweight blazer is crucial during the Summer months. This gray linen option is part of a suit I purchased from H&M years ago that has held up rather nicely and recently found it’s way back into my regular rotation. One of the most enjoyable parts of reading other style blogs is the inspiration derived from them. The above outfit was inspired by this photo recently taken at Pitti Uomo, and was comprised of pieces I already owned but never thought to combine with one another. Just like that, a new outfit is born.

Jacket – H&M | Shirt – J.Crew | Tie – | Pants – Dockers | Watch – Citizen | Bracelet – Kiel James Patrick

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Flattered to be featured on’s Style Spotlight today. Check out the full article by their resident fashion blogger Avery Hartmans (of Ask Avery fame) here.

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Buffalo Whiskey Guild

IMG_2387This past weekend BWG held a Talisker tasting event. We sampled and reviewed three different whiskies from their available line up. Talisker is a remote distillery on the Isle of Skye. Since 1830 Talisker has been revered as consistently producing some of the finest and well crafted whisky in the world. We sampled the 10 year old, their cask strength 57 North and their sherry cask finished Distiller’s Edition.IMG_2400As a whole we rated 57 North the highest of the three, sighting its layered taste and complexity over the others. The Distiller’s Edition scored lowest. We found that the sherry finish masked many of the other flavors we found on the nose and the palate of the others. Talisker’s flagship 10 year old is a very good distinctly flavored whisky. Both on the nose and palate it’s oaky, salty and earthy. Sharp cracked peppercorn is up front throughout. Its…

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Very proud to announce that O’Connell’s Clothing has partnered with Smathers and Branson to create their very own Buffalo Needlepoint Collection. Available in three different colorways, the collection is comprised of needlepoint belts, flasks, wallets, coasters and key fobs. I WANT EVERYTHING!


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[photos via]

New York Magazine has a fantastic gallery of photos from the Jazz Age Lawn Party held on Governor’s Island this past weekend. The Roaring 20’s theme was in full swing (ha) and New York’s Dandiest were dressed to impress. Below are some of our favorite looks from the festivities.

Jazz_MG_9491.jpg.r.nocrop.w1800.h1800 Jazz_MG_9339.jpg.r.nocrop.w1800.h1800

Jazz_MG_9345a.jpg.r.nocrop.w1800.h1800 Jazz_MG_9529.jpg.r.nocrop.w1800.h1800


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I must say, I am very excited for the release of Dandy photographer Rose Callahan’s new book I Am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman. This hardcover book won’t be available for purchase until September 25th, but it’s currently available for pre-order on Sure to be required reading for Dandy’s everywhere and a welcome addition any gentleman’s literary collection.

The dandy is back! Gone are the days of arbitrary fashion, casual sportswear, and slick metrosexuals. Today, more men are discovering dandyism and giving it their own contemporary look. Even today, men who devote themselves to the finer things in life –especially when it comes to fashion –mostly arouse suspicion. Vanity is frowned upon and lavish grooming is generally deemed superficial or unmanly. Fortunately, a small but tenacious movement has been defying these social dictates for more than 200 years. Its adherents indulge in their love of quality clothing and accessories not only privately, but also very publicly. Photographer Rose Callahan and writer Nathaniel Adams have spent years exploring the fascinating phenomenon of dandyism. They visit contemporary dandies in their homes to document their impeccably designed lives in both words and images. Well-kempt to the tips of their beards and wearing three-piece suits with flawlessly folded pocket handkerchiefs and supple kid gloves, their protagonists revive the charm of the past and reveal that cultivated idleness can be incredibly hard work. These gallant beaus first came on the scene in eighteenth-century London and Paris, where they supported the livelihoods of many a local tailor. today’s dandies continue to propagate a look characterized by trimmed beards, pomade, velvet slippers, and even a touch of make-up as a shield to mask the darker sides of life. Yet in their carefully composed portraits, Callahan and Adams reveal the cracks in this façade. They describe the sacrifices that many fulltime dandies need to make while pursuing their personal aesthetic ideals. A refuge for eccentrics, dandyism has seen a revival in the Anglo-American realm over the last several years. For example, today’s distinguished gentlemen can ride their vintage bikes around London during the tweed Run to show off their authentic outfits or attend the Jazz Age Lawn Party on new York City’s Governor’s Island to bring the era of the Great Gatsby back to life, if only for a few hours. Now, the phenomenon is again going more international. Known for their Dandy Portraits, the spiffy duo of Callahan and Adams approaches their topic –and their protagonists–with a keen, yet empathic eye. In this book, they successfully capture the styles, attitudes, and philosophies of contemporary dandyism in all its nuances.

$58 ($40 pre-order)


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The BLRC rides again! The 4th Annual Seersucker Ride is this Sunday, June 23rd, at Noon by the Waterfront Naval Park. As always, come decked out in your best seersucker outfit and enjoy one of Buffalo’s “must do” Summer events.

[Via Facebook]
Believe it or not, Summer is nigh. To hail in the coming dog days we shall ride again! The Buffalo Lazy Randonneurs invite all to join us for a leisurely Summer bicycle ride to Delaware Park. On Summer’s first Sunday, June 23, we plan to meet at our Naval Park downtown at the Waterfront at noon. There will be some time to meet new friends and catch up with others while the photogs snap away and we wait the arrival of all our brethren. Please wear seersucker or other whimsical light fabrics to best enjoy the festivities. We shall wind along the cooling Niagara River on our bike path before heading inland up the Scajaquada Creek Path to the Park at Hoyt Lake. Here we hold our grandest party of the year. A champagne picnic on the lawn nearby the ol’ stone walking bridge. Feel free to bring along your own champagne and picnic fare. Berries, cheeses, charcuterie and such have been favorites to share with each other on this day. We also hope to summer away the afternoon with a dogged round of Petanque, whatever that may be…

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What makes a Dandy?


As I meet more and more dapper Buffalo gents, I’m often asked what qualities must one possess to be considered a Dandy? I can think of no more elegant description then the one provided by

1. Physical distinction
Dandyism can only be painted on a suitable canvas. It is impossible to cut a dandy figure without being tall, slender and handsome, or having at least one of those characteristics to a high degree while remaining at least average in the other two. Fred Astaire was neither tall nor handsome, but he was “so thin you could spit through him.”

Count D’Orsay, of course, had all three qualities to the highest degree.

“To appear well dressed, be skinny and tall.” — Mason Cooley

2. Elegance
Elegance, of course, as defined by the standards of a dandy’s particular era.

“[The dandy’s] independence, assurance, originality, self-control and refinement should all be visible in the cut of his clothes.” — Ellen Moers

Dandies must love contemporary costume, says Beerbohm, and their dress should be “free from folly or affectation.”

3. Self-mastery
Barbey speaks of the dandy’s staunch determination to remain unmoved, while Baudelaire says that should a dandy suffer pain, he will “keep smiling.”

“Manage yourself well and you may manage all the world.” — Bulwer-Lytton

“Immense calm with your heart pounding.” — Noel Coward

4. Aplomb
While self-mastery is the internal practice of keeping emotions in check, aplomb is how it is expressed to the dandy’s audience.

“Dandyism introduces antique calm among our modern agitations.” — Barbey d’Aurevilly

5. Independence
Ideally financial independence, but if the dandy is forced to work, a spirit of independence will be expressed through his work, as with Tom Wolfe. Independence — often to the point of aloofness — will also characterize the dandy’s dealings with the world.

“The epitome of selfish irresponsibility, he was ideally free of all human commitments that conflict with taste: passions, moralities, ambitions, politics or occupations.” — Moers

“Independence makes the dandy.” — Barbey d’Aurevilly

6. Wit
Especially a paradoxical way of talking lightly of the serious and seriously of the light that carries philosophical implications.

(See Oscar Wilde, his characters such as Lord Henry and Lord Goring, and to a lesser degree every other notable dandy.)

7. A skeptical, world-weary, sophisticated, bored or blasé demeanor
“The dandy is blasé, or feigns to be.” — Baudelaire

“A spirit of gay misanthropy, a cynical, depreciating view of society.” — Lister

8.  A self-mocking and ultimately endearing egotism
“Other people are quite dreadful. The only possible society is oneself.” — Wilde, “The Ideal Husband”

9. Dignity/Reserve
Pelham keeps “the darker and stormier emotions” to himself — Bulwer-Lytton

“A flawless dandy, he would be annoyed if he were considered romantic.” — Oscar Wilde, “An Ideal Husband”

10. Discriminating taste
“To resist whatever may be suitable for the vulgar but is improper for the dandy.” — Moers

11. A renaissance man
“A complete gentleman, who, according to Sir Fopling, ought to dress well, dance well, fence well, have a genius for love letters, and an agreeable voice for a chamber.” — Etherege, quoted by Bulwer-Lytton in “Pelham”

12. Caprice
Because dandies are an enigma wrapped in a labyrinth, and because dandyism makes its own rules, the final quality is the ability to negate all the others.

For in the end there is not a code of dandyism, as Barbey writes. “If there were, anybody could be a dandy.”

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