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[photo by Richard Ross]

So I’ve been doing a bit more traveling as of late. Both for work and bringing Dandy Jr. to visit the grandparents and I’ve been thinking about upgrading some of my travel luggage. One of my favorite pieces is my Fred Perry bag which I acquired in Paris during our honeymoon. It’s the perfect size for a weekend get away, but these days it’s been getting more use as a bag to store all the baby’s stuff in. Also, the bag is black, which is great for hiding stains and such, but I’ve really been itching to get my hands on a tanned leather option. So in true Dandy fashion I’ve compiled a list of some potential options below at varying price points.


Floto Milano Duffle
Handmade in Italy of polished calf-skin leather with a cotton/denim lining, this is the lowest priced option, but by no means does it belong on the bottom of the list. Affordable, stylish, and I love the stripped lining.



J.Crew Montague Weekender
You’ve gotta love J.Crew’s style and this understated leather weekender is no exception. Handsomely priced, the bag already comes broken in but is the smallest of all the bags shown. I’m also a bit hung up on the color as  I’m looking for more of a tan leather as opposed to brown.



Mulholland “Hippo” Duffle
The name certainly is appropriate for this behemoth. Slightly larger than some of the other options, this one quickly jumps up in price. However if you’re talking “most bang for your buck”, the Hippo will definitely hold the most clothes. And as everyone knows, Buffalo Dandy travels heavy.



Frank Clegg Travel Duffle
This is another favorite of mine. Handmade in Massachusetts for over 40 years, Frank Clegg is regarded as one of the finest craftsmen of leather goods in the world. Naturally being one of my favorites it’s also one of the most expensive. Still, this is the one on which I’m basing most of my comparisons on. It’s perfect looking, just a shame you have to pay an extra $50 for lining.



Lotuff Travel Bag
Here’s one for the eff it, go big or go home crowd. Another fine Made in America selection, Lotuff is somewhat of a new comer to the bag game being founded in 2009. Still, their collections are stunningly elegant and rugged at the same time. This one could break the bank, but it would be so worth it.



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We’ve featured wooden ties on the blog before, but few can match the sheer awesomeness of these Ella Bing Bow Ties. Based out of Tampa Bay, Florida, each bow tie is hand crafted (no laser cutting here) with special attention paid to trending seasonal fabrics. Even more amazing than their bow ties is the touching story behind how the company began. After loosing  a family member to suicide, Ella Bing looked to keep the memory of their loved one alive by starting a company around his favorite accessory: the bow tie. In an effort to raise awareness about suicide prevention, Ella Bing donates 10% of every sale to the Crisis Center of Tamp Bay.

If the wooden bow ties aren’t your thing, Ella Bing also offers regular handmade bow ties along with pocket squares, awesome lapel flowers and wooden cufflinks which are coming soon.


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It’s a bit brisk outside for Summer today, but it had me daydreaming about this new collaboration with Todd Snyder and Champion. With the current #menswear trends leaning towards a more casual look, this Heather Pocket Sweatshirt is a favorite of mine. The breast pocket is a great touch and I love the stamped logo along the neck line. Available in 7 different colorways, you better get your hands on one now because they’re selling out fast.


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I nearly crashed the Jeep this morning when I saw this ad on the billboard by Starbucks. The Burchfield Penney Art Center at Buff State is hosting a Marilyn Monroe Exhibit by renowned photographer, Douglas Kirkland. The famous photoshoot, which resulted in some of the most iconic imagery of Marilyn Monroe ever captured, shares with it a story which is as enticing as the photographs themselves… Almost.


After renting a Hollywood studio, with no clear idea of what might take place, Kirkland was lead down a path first paved by the wholesome Marilyn then guided by the star.  The complete professional at this point in her career, Marilyn established the scene for Kirkland: a single bed with white silk sheets.  She understood her audience and what they wanted. 

On the day of the shoot, she asked all of the assistants to leave and let the photographer and his model work alone.  This set the stage for an interpersonal play that makes this work unique.  An intimate engagement transpired the interaction of one person and another, the flirting with camera and photographer, communicated the starlet icon to the world. Wrapped in bed sheets and contorting for the viewer, Marilyn appears to reach back through her career and captures the allure that ignited her start. 

What then was revealed in her expressions and during a post shoot wrap-up was the tortured Marilyn. Unsure and full of doubt – what was apparent were the struggles that the world’s idealized beauty faced though out her career.  It was this finally revealed persona – pressured by the expectations of her positions – that later would give context to our post-mortem understanding of the star.

On view at the East Gallery Friday, July 12–Sunday, September 8, 2013
1300 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo, New York 14222

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Do yourself a favor and watch this clip full screen with a nice set of headphones.

Shot with a GoPro Hero 3 Camera mounted on a DJI Innovations Phantom Quadcopter, Youtube user questpact headed to Niagara Falls to film some breathtaking shots for a DJI Phantom Video Contest. Well done, sir!

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Thompson LES Hotel


One of my favorite parts about the Agenda trip was my stay at the Thompson LES located at 190 Allen St. on the Lower East Side. This ultra modern, high-end hotel is discretely tucked away from the street, but offers fantastic views of the city and some stellar amenities like their Andy Warhol Pool, a free backpack to use during your stay (which is available for purchase if you want to keep it), glowing headboards by photographer Lee Friedlander, free in-house movie library and of course the rainfall shower. The hotel is also prone to the random, oft quoted by Buffalo Dandy, celebrity guest. Next time I plan a trip to NYC with wife, the Thompson LES will surely be on top of our list for places to stay. Check their website for availability.




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Agenda NYC: Recap


While Agenda NYC is not an overly #menswear heavy trade show, there was still plenty of great things to see. New Era unveiled their new Liberty of London EK Collection which garnered much praise. Vermont favorite, Burton Snowboards, is doing some pretty stellar stuff with their bags: dipping into past styles and materials from back in the day. Herschel was also a crowd favorite with their pop colors and combo choices, while Grenade kept things chill with a saxophone player in their booth. It was nice to see some dapper gents at the show, and the line for the in-house barber seemed to last the entire show. More pics below.


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Saw this guy outside our hotel this afternoon and he was inspiring to say the least. A true Dandy doesn’t let something like a bum leg get in the way of looking their best. Well done, sir.

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Headed to the Agenda Trade Show in NYC today. Many a dandy update to follow…

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With Summer in full swing, one naturally wants to start rocking the sockless look. If you’re anything like me, going totally naked in the foot department isn’t really an option. Luckily, there are plenty of invisible socks out there to choose from and I believe I’ve found one of the better options in these Calvin Klein no-show liners. They go deep enough toward the toe and along the side that no matter what shoes you wear, there’s no risk of them showing. Also, the rubber strip on the back is both comfortable and keeps the socks up better than any other brand I’ve tried. They are nice and thin on the top so your feet can breathe, but thicker on the bottom to absorb all that dank foot sweat. The best part, if all of that was not enough, is they are flesh colored. So even if the socks are at all visible, it’s not so obvious. Top it all off with the fact that they are only $12 for a three pack and you’ve got a pretty stellar set of invisible socks. Available at DSW.


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