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[photo by Richard Ross]

So I’ve been doing a bit more traveling as of late. Both for work and bringing Dandy Jr. to visit the grandparents and I’ve been thinking about upgrading some of my travel luggage. One of my favorite pieces is my Fred Perry bag which I acquired in Paris during our honeymoon. It’s the perfect size for a weekend get away, but these days it’s been getting more use as a bag to store all the baby’s stuff in. Also, the bag is black, which is great for hiding stains and such, but I’ve really been itching to get my hands on a tanned leather option. So in true Dandy fashion I’ve compiled a list of some potential options below at varying price points.


Floto Milano Duffle
Handmade in Italy of polished calf-skin leather with a cotton/denim lining, this is the lowest priced option, but by no means does it belong on the bottom of the list. Affordable, stylish, and I love the stripped lining.



J.Crew Montague Weekender
You’ve gotta love J.Crew’s style and this understated leather weekender is no exception. Handsomely priced, the bag already comes broken in but is the smallest of all the bags shown. I’m also a bit hung up on the color as  I’m looking for more of a tan leather as opposed to brown.



Mulholland “Hippo” Duffle
The name certainly is appropriate for this behemoth. Slightly larger than some of the other options, this one quickly jumps up in price. However if you’re talking “most bang for your buck”, the Hippo will definitely hold the most clothes. And as everyone knows, Buffalo Dandy travels heavy.



Frank Clegg Travel Duffle
This is another favorite of mine. Handmade in Massachusetts for over 40 years, Frank Clegg is regarded as one of the finest craftsmen of leather goods in the world. Naturally being one of my favorites it’s also one of the most expensive. Still, this is the one on which I’m basing most of my comparisons on. It’s perfect looking, just a shame you have to pay an extra $50 for lining.



Lotuff Travel Bag
Here’s one for the eff it, go big or go home crowd. Another fine Made in America selection, Lotuff is somewhat of a new comer to the bag game being founded in 2009. Still, their collections are stunningly elegant and rugged at the same time. This one could break the bank, but it would be so worth it.



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