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Double Temptation


I’ve professed my love for the Ball and Buck Suede Double Monks in the past (on numerous occasions I believe) and yet I still haven’t been able to pull the trigger on these shoes. Mostly because while they look fantastic, they come with a rather intimidating price tag. Then Zara comes along, drops this pair of Suede Double Monk Bluchers and suddenly temptation is starting to get the better of me…

It must be asked, however, if this is further proof that whole double monk thing is kind of played-out when they start appearing in mainstream stores for a fraction of the price? Especially after searching for a reasonably-priced pair season after season and pretty much giving up on the idea. Also, the fact that Double Monks are jokingly referred to as part of the #menswear uniform doesn’t help either.

But if the trend is on it’s way out, perhaps now is the perfect time NOT  to spend a fortune on a pair and just beat the hell out of them like Ball and Buck suggests. I’d have to see these in person before making a final decision, but if you’re looking for a pair affordable suede shoes and are still onboard with the whole double monk thing, these might be your best bet.

$448 | $99


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