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[photo via The Wall Street Journal]

I try not to reblog too many things on Buffalo Dandy, but this one is too good to ignore.

One of my biggest pet peeves when the wife and I are out for a nice dinner somewhere is seeing patrons dressed like utter slobs at the restaurant. I understand that we live in a more casual society, but it’s sad to see that people have lost that sense of dressing up as a sign respect— both for yourself and the establishment you’re in. Not to say that people need to wear a three-piece suit every time they go out, but wearing shorts and flip flops at a restaurant just makes you look ridiculous.

Check out The Wall Street Journal’s fantastic article on this epidemic here, along with my favorite quote from the story below:

“The death of dressing accordingly isn’t the end of civilization,” said Mr. Wolfe, who is now 80 and universally identified by his white three-piece suits. “But it is the end of courage—men being afraid to be caught in fancy clothes, or even a jacket.” Mr. Wolfe grew up in Richmond, Va., among gentlemen who wore hats with seersucker suits, their shirts buttoned to the top, “even during hellish summers with no air conditioning,” he said. “They’d be mopping their brows, but they were not going to loosen their neckties. That’s how much maintaining decorum meant to them—you have to suffer for style.”


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