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This Sunday is the Buffalo Lazy Randonneur Club’s Annual Johnny Onion Ride. Being a well known fact that Buffalo Dandy has an affinity for all things French, this English/French inspired ride is something we look forward to every year. The ride begins at the crack of Noon at Buffalo’s Naval Park and traverses along the waterfront and through the cities bike path before concluding in Delaware Park.

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On this day we pay homage to AR JOHNNIGED BRO ROSKO, the pedaling peddlers of Breton’s famous Roscoff onions. Under their adopted moniker of Onion Johnny, these intrepid farmers have peddled their onions throughout Great Britain on bicycles. After crossing the channel by ferry, the Onion Johnny strings his bicycle with a hundred pounds of prized onions to sell to homes and restaurants. 

At the rides conclusion, all of the onions which have been strung to each riders bicycle will be added to the cauldron of delicious french onion soup for everyone to enjoy. As always, it’s important to look your best at these events so I’ve compile a delightfully French outfit to serve as inspiration for what to wear.


J.Crew Striped Cotton Sweater $60 | French Bulldog Tee $25 | Brooks Brothers 5-Pocket Cords $80 | Alex Begg Scarf from O’Connell’s $75 | Beret $12 | Dr. Martens Eduardo Boot $100 | Bell & Ross WW1-92 Military Watch $2,277


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Ever looking to expand their empire, Buffalo Dandy favorite The Tie Bar just released their latest endeavor: Suspenders. An accessory usually reserved for the Dandiest of Dandy’s, the suspenders are available in a wide variety of colors and materials, as well as in both clips and the more traditional leather loops. Keeping with their ultra-affordability concept which makes The Tie Bar such a Dandy favorite, you can experiment with this accessory and feel only a minimal amount of buyers remorse if they end up not being your thing.


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