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Over the last week, after putting Dandy Jr to bed, I’ve been engrossing myself in I Am Dandy – The Return of the Elegant Gentleman. Based off of the photos and words featured on The Dandy Portraits by Rose Callahan and Nathaniel Adams, this is the quintessential Dandy book that every gentleman should have in his library. Filled with beautiful photos of beautiful people, the book gives an intimate look into the lives of Dandies all over the world. It makes the perfect coffee table book, with the bright fuchsia interior and a cover which just begs to be opened and explored. Check out the official video about the book below, and to all my fellow Dandies, be sure to pick up a copy today.

“In a world of uniformity and globalized styles, only some cultivated gentlemen retain their independence over the way they dress and live.

In this book, photographer Rose Callahan and writer Nathaniel “Natty” Adams document the well-kept lives of 57 protagonists of contemporary dandyism with a keen, yet empathic eye. Their carefully composed portraits not only depict the clothes, accessories, and homes of their subjects, but also capture the essence of their lifestyles in thoroughly entertaining and deeply insightful texts.

The diversity of the men portrayed in I am Dandy is striking. They come from a variety of different countries, cultures, and social circles and make their livings in a range of occupations. By showcasing their styles, attitudes, and philosophies in all of their nuances, the book reveals that dandyism today is an attitude and calling that can be cultivated on any budget.”




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