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You & Who, a buy-one give-one t-shirt company and another BD favorite,  recently launched a fundraising campaign through Indiegogo. The campaign is hoping to raise $25,000 in order get their t-shirts cut, sewn and dyed here in the U.S, while continuing to print and distributing the shirts in Buffalo. If successful, the campaign will create numerous jobs here in the states, as well as help further You & Who’s mission to help make the goodest shirt ever.

With only two weeks left in their campaign, You & Who is still shy of hitting their goal. Naturally Buffalo Dandy is proud to not only support but to promote this amazing company and hope that all of my fabulous readers are willing to do the same. Check out their Indiegogo page here and contribute whatever you can: $40 gets you a shirt design of your choice, $75 gets you two shirts and the baller $2,500 lets you tag along to the shirt drop in the U.S city of your choice. Secondly, forward the link onto whatever social networks you belong to and help spread the word. For more info, check out their official campaign video below with founder Dan Gigante is sporting a rather Dandy looking shirt design. C’mon fellow Dandies, show the world you give a shirt!


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