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The colder weather showed up with a vengeance yesterday, prompting many to start busting out the cold weather gear slightly ahead of schedule. Luckily, I had recently purchased one of J.Crew’s new Chamois button downs, and was perfectly comfortable wearing one of my thinner tweed blazers over it. Delving more into my “Mountain Dandy” look that I often adopt during the winter, this classic outdoor/workwear staple is not only functional, it’s also incredibly soft and comfortable.

Chamois cotton, which is comprised of a much thicker and dense fabric, shields the cold weather better than your standard flannel shirt. This higher-end material, unfortunately, is more often than not accompanied by a higher price point. The J.Crew option falls into that category, but with a more flattering, slimmer silhouette and suede elbow patches for added durability, you really end up with a superior product. If paying $100 for elbow pads seems too much for you, there are plenty of other very similar options. I particularly like the one button button pocket look and St John’s Bay has a similar design for a fraction of the price but sans elbow pads. The fit is a little more boxy in the shoulders, but after a few washes I’m sure it will shrink to a decent fit. Most chamois shirts are often worn as a jacket alternative, so naturally the fit runs a bit larger to accommodate for the thicker fabric, but it’s all about finding what works best for you. I’ve compiled some of my favorite Chamois options below from some of the outdoors top retailers.


Woolrich Expedition Chamois $65 | Land’s End Portuguese Chamois $69 | L.L.Bean’s Chamois Shirt $45 | St. John’s Bay $30 | J.Crew Heathered Chamois $98


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