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Hurd Orchards


This past Friday the Buffalo Whiskey Guild joined by their lovely significant others ventured out to Hurd Orchards in Holley, NY for one of their Farm to Table Dinners. In true Dandy style we decided to take a limo there since there were so many of us and it was just far enough that we didn’t want to drive home afterwards. Upon arriving in (quite literally) the middle of nowhere, we entered into their main store and were amazed at everything they had to offer. Apple varieties of every size and color, jams, pies, soaps, beautifully preserved bouquets and a sea of dried wild flowers hanging from the ceiling. The store quickly became crowded as the other dinner guests arrived, and after snapping some great photos of the space we were led into the main dining hall, or rather the main dining barn.

HurdOrchard1 HurdOrchard10 HurdOrchard3 HurdOrchard2 HurdOrchard5 HurdOrchard9

The weather was quite brisk when we stepped outside, but once we entered the barn (which we half expected to be freezing), we instead were pleasantly met by a warm, cozy atmosphere. The interior was incredible. Rope strung votive candles hung from ladders and beautiful table settings which we were shocked to discover were 100% made from real plants and fruits from the farm. As our vintage silverware was laid out before us, the smell of food quickly began filling the barn.

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Once we were able to calm ourselves over how incredible the space was, it was time to get down to work. We brought with us beer, wine and scotch to pair with our meal (more on that here) and we prepared our table as our host regaled us with the history of the farm, how the dinner parties all got started and what the overall theme of the nights meal which, to no ones surprise, was Harvest. While the previous Fall had yielded less than favorable results, this years crop was most bountiful, as we clearly tell once they started bringing out the food.


Various tasting stations were placed throughout the barn and store, so we took our cast iron plates from station to station to sample everything on the menu. Lamb curry, ham and apple pie, butternut squash, the most perfectly roasted turkey I’ve ever seen, caramel apple cheesecake, pumpkin apple cake, it just went on and on. We were so starving when we began that we didn’t’ even think to gather everything on the plate and head back to the table, we just ate what we had on our plates while waiting in line for the next station. We soon got a steady pace going and before we knew it and to everyones surprise, we were completely stuffed. Leaving just enough room for an after dinner scotch and some light hearted revelry, we piled back into our limo and vanished into the night.

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The orchard, like I said, is a bit of hike (about 1+ hour drive) but the experience far outweighs the travel time. Lovers of homemade food, a unique dining experience, a cozy atmosphere and good old fashioned fun should absolutely check out Hurd Orchards. It was a great warm-up to Thanksgiving and certainly inspired some home decorating ideas, The cost was reasonable at $60 a couple and for more information you can check out

Hurd Orchards
17260 Ridge Road, Holley, NY 14470
For reservations call: 585-638-8838


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