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Man’s Night VII


This Saturday, the manliest night of the year returns… Man’s Night VII!

In centuries past, men have had to hunt and kill their food to survive. By sword, or by axe, or by arrow, nothing would stand between a man and his meal. This year, we celebrate this historical tradion at MAN’S NIGHT VII. Men, we are champions of our home and country and as such we will celebrate ourselves by partaking in the devourement of many a smoked and deep fried wild animal. We will glorify their beauty, their nourishment and their… tastiness in monumental form. 

As in events past, in addition to the devouring of conquered beasts, there will be basket raffles to win, prizes to take home, a charity auction, and a 50/50. All the libations for the event are being donated by local craft breweries and local home brewers. If you want to fill your gullets with non-local swill – then bring it yourself. There will also be a whiskey and cigar corner. Whiskey, liquid gold and nectar of the gods will flow behind the wafting white smoke of locally hand-rolled tobacco leaves. Hopefully these vices properly ingested will help with digestion after the meals have run their course…

All net profits generated by Man’s Night VII will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.



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