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ASPECD Apparel


ASPECD Apparel is looking to change the way we order shirts online. Kevin Chan, creator of ASPECD Apparel, realized that the average guy valued simplicity when ordering online, however, not everyone fits into the standard S, M, L, XL size ranges. Sometimes the small is too small, but a medium is too big. I myself have had this problem on numerous occasions. So Kevin came up with a sizing system that makes it easy for guys to buy clothing that actually fits them, and thus ASPECD Apparel was born.

The ASPECD sizing system has two main parts:
1) In-between sizes – Instead of just the standard extra-small to extra-large sizes, ASPECD also offers an additional size between each of those sizes so nobody falls between the cracks. This brings them to 9 sizes as opposed to the standard 4.

2) Free alterations – With your height and body shape, they will hem and dart each shirt as needed so that it will never be too long or too baggy.

Also, and this is the really fantastic part, ASPECD is so confident in the quality of their shirts, that if they do ever rip, tear or otherwise break down, just send it back and they repair it free of charge. Also, if you decide you want a different size or style after you’ve had the shirt for a while, return it and they’ll give you 15% towards the purchase of a new garment, while donating the old one to someone in need.

Kevin and his team have started a Kickstarter Campaign to get their company off the ground. Check out the video below as well as one of my favorite designs, The Color Theory Chambray Shirt.



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