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Kickstarter is truly proving to be an effective tool for companies looking to bring stellar  American-made products to the masses. One such company is Upstate Stock who specializes in high-quality wool gloves and hats which are built to last.

Upstate Stock was born out of simple fact that American manufacturing of the highest quality is still out there, the same manufacturing from decades ago that is both at a standard that very few countries can match, but also affordable. At Upstate we are attempting bring these goods in to a market that they have never had access to in the past. Our factory, located in upstate New York, has been making knit accessories since 1946, both for the military and NYPD. It is our goal to bring these amazing products to the contemporary market, giving the factory a new avenue for sales, and our customers access to quality USA made.

Upstate Stock was kind enough to send me a pair of their Fingerless Ragwool Gloves to give a Dandy test drive and they could not have arrived at a better time. The temps have dropped rather quickly here in Buffalo and we’ve seen our first major snow fall. The gloves are nice and thick, but much softer than your standard wool. They run a little big on my hands but it actually works out because when it gets too cold I just slip my fingers down a little bit and I’m good to go. I love the look of the label, but I also like how Upstate Stock stresses that they are not made to stay on forever and don’t mind if you want to snip it off since “it’s about the product, not the tag”. I find this kind of refreshing and shows how confident Upstate is in their product.


Personally, I prefer the fingerless gloves in the Winter. I like the added dexterity and find it easier to use my iPhone. There are, however, a full finger and mitten option along with the baller deerskin version for extra grip. Watchcaps and beanies are also available.

Their gloves start at a moderate $28, but if you purchase them through their Kickstarter campaign, you can get them for $19! If you’re looking to get a great pair of American-made gloves and want to feel good about doing so, definitely check out Upstate Stock.


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