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It was another great year at Buffalo Dandy! We had some fantastic new opportunities, stories and record setting visitors. Below are the top 5 most popular stories featured on Buffalo Dandy for 2013. Thanks to all the readers out there for continuing to support us as we wish you all a very Happy New Years. Here’s to 2014 being yet another Dandy year. Cheers!

Mass Appeal 2013- Best of Show | The Lodge Unveiling Gala |2013 Buffalo Tweed Ride | Blue Collar | Bloodline Handmade


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Saw these fabulously festive kicks whilst out at Dinner this evening and had to commend the gentleman on his Dandy taste of footwear.

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Wishing everyone a very happy, safe and healthy Christmas from Buffalo Dandy.

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It doesn’t quite look like a Winter Wonderland in Buffalo anymore (what a difference a rainy weekend can make), but I’m willing a White Christmas with my Christmas Sweater from Skip N’ Whistle. I was hoping to wear this to our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, but sadly, with the short month and all, we had to cancel it. Still, I’m loving this sweater which I certainly wouldn’t call it ugly or even tacky. I highly recommend heading over to their online shop to find some hilarious options if you happen to find yourself at a sweater party this holiday season.

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Very excited to see Buffalo Dandy Bow Ties featured on last Friday’s episode of Winging It Buffalo Style. Many thanks to Karina from KC You There for including us in your Holiday Fashion Gift Guide! I must agree that there is nothing more dapper than a man in a bow tie. Happy belated Bow Tie Friday everyone.

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Not to muscle in on Buffalo Whiskey Guild’s turf, but I had to share my recent tasting of Great Lakes Brewing Co’s Christmas Ale. While my love of Southern Tiers 2Xmas is unwavering, it can (at times) become a bit much. Of all the Christmas Ales I’ve tried, Great Lakes Brewing maintains that “Christmas in a bottle” flavor, but is also light enough that it maintains it’s drinkability. Heady Topper is similar in this regard, as they are both strong beers that can quickly get away from you if you have too many because they’re so easy to drink. Great Lakes Christmas Ale a full-bodied, spirited ale as  festive as the season with flavor notes of cinnamon, ginger and honey. Pick some up while you can because it’s only around for a short time.

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L.L.Bean Boots


I was so excited to get a pair of L.L.Bean Boots for an early Christmas present this year. Unfortunately I’ve been having some issues with getting the sizing right. I stopped by their Albany store during Thanksgiving and tried on a few different pairs. I was wearing regular socks when I tried them on, mostly because I wasn’t planning on wearing them with extra thick socks all that often. The problem is, that’s how these boots are meant to be worn. I’m usually a 11.5 or 12 depending on the shoe, and per L.L.Beans suggestion, I tried a size down. I felt like my feet were swimming in the 11’s. I tried the 10’s which fit with thin socks but felt a little tight in the toe, and wearing them with Rag Wool socks won’t leave that extra room they require for proper circulation. Not to mention my feet looked tiny in them which bothered me for some reason. After a few returns and re-orders, I believe I’ve finally found the fit solution…

As stated before, the Bean Boots are meant to be worn with thicker, Rag Wool socks, however several people wear them with regular medium thickness socks with no problem. If you’re like me and in between sizes, the best option is to wear very thick socks, or add their shearling insoles. These provide not only additional comfort to the boots, they also allow for wearing regular socks with a great fit and added warmth.

Overall this entire ordeal has been going on for about two or three weeks, with ordering and reordering sizes, but L.L Beans customer service and return policy has been exceptional during the entire ordeal. I’m glad I was finally able to figure this whole sizing issue out and hope this post will help anyone else who may be having similar issues.


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If you’re like most of us, you’re sort of freaking out that Christmas is a week away and you feel like you’re running out of time to find that perfect gift. Not to worry, Buffalo Dandy is here to alleviate some of that holiday stress with some fantastic gifts that be found at local shops all around Buffalo.

O’Connell’s is a great first stop as they have many high-end and desirable gifts like their Smathers & Branson Buffalo Needlepoint Collection of coasters, key fobs, belts and wallets. They also have several fine items to keep you warm during the winter months like this Barbour Jacket and their collection of Shetland Wool Sweaters.

Another favorite and one-stop-shop is Blue Collar, which has one of the finest collection of bags and accessories in town. Some of newest additions include WILL Leather bags, Gentleman’s Hardware ipad covers and these awesome (and affordable) Buffalo cufflinks.

Scherer’s Jewelers has these great Buffalo rocks glasses, while Tony Walker and their new menswear affiliate J.Norman Post have a great selection of luxury watches and stocking stuffers like these colored shoe laces.

Lastly, why not throw in a fun gift like this Buffalo-themed ugly Christmas sweater from Buffalo Sport Tees.

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If you’ve braved the Walden Galleria Mall this holiday shopping season, you may have noticed a new store that recently opened called Cortefiel.

If you’ve never heard of Cortefiel before you’re not alone. They are the second largest retailer in Spain, but also have an impressive history and have outfitted many celebrities over the years including Bill Cosby. Yes, that Bill Cosby. The store in the Galleria is among the first of several which are opening in the U.S. and say what you will about Buffalo, we still manage to get new and interesting stores before many other places do. Ruehl was another such store which I loved but sadly didn’t last. Hopefully Cortefiel won’t fall into this same category.

Cortefiel had a nice mixture of J.Crew and Fossil inspired looks, but also includes a fine collection of suiting as well. The store definitely has that rustic, outdoor mixed with #menswear look down pat and really has something for everyone. Even better is many of their items have a slimmer, more European cut to them which I struggle with when it comes to stores like J.Crew. The pricing is decent, about on par with what you would pay at the other stores previously mentioned, but there are several unique items worth checking out and justifying a visit for those who dread the mall.



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There is still time to order a Dandy gift for that special someone (or maybe just for yourself) this holiday season. Head over to the Buffalo Dandy Bow Tie Shop and browse our selection of handmade, one of a kind bow ties! What better way to celebrate Bow Tie Friday?

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