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A while ago I was introduced to British shirt maker Henry Arlington and they were kind enough to send me one of their Thompson Sky shirts for a Dandy test drive. With all the parties and events we have to attend this Holiday season, this has officially become one of my go-to shirts for a night out. Pairing perfectly with a navy (or if you feeling Dandy, velvet) blazer, the shirt is beautifully constructed with a tall, hefty collar and a nice slim (but not too slim) fit. The sleeves fit great and aren’t too baggy. I was also pleasantly surprised that the french cuffs were as big as they were since this is something I’ve had trouble with in the past with fitting too tight in the wrist.


The only thing that bothered me about the shirt were the pearl buttons. They were very thin and felt almost fragile. Also, because of the nature of the buttons, there was quite a bit of color difference between some of them. That critique aside, I’m pretty happy with this shirt. It has a great classic look to it and goes, like I said, with most anything.


If you’re looking for something a bit more casual and colorful, Henry Arlington has a great collection of shirts, ties, socks and even shoes to choose from on their website. You’re sure to find something to fit not only into you’re Holiday wardrobe, but your day to day outfits as well.


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