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If you’ve braved the Walden Galleria Mall this holiday shopping season, you may have noticed a new store that recently opened called Cortefiel.

If you’ve never heard of Cortefiel before you’re not alone. They are the second largest retailer in Spain, but also have an impressive history and have outfitted many celebrities over the years including Bill Cosby. Yes, that Bill Cosby. The store in the Galleria is among the first of several which are opening in the U.S. and say what you will about Buffalo, we still manage to get new and interesting stores before many other places do. Ruehl was another such store which I loved but sadly didn’t last. Hopefully Cortefiel won’t fall into this same category.

Cortefiel had a nice mixture of J.Crew and Fossil inspired looks, but also includes a fine collection of suiting as well. The store definitely has that rustic, outdoor mixed with #menswear look down pat and really has something for everyone. Even better is many of their items have a slimmer, more European cut to them which I struggle with when it comes to stores like J.Crew. The pricing is decent, about on par with what you would pay at the other stores previously mentioned, but there are several unique items worth checking out and justifying a visit for those who dread the mall.




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