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L.L.Bean Boots


I was so excited to get a pair of L.L.Bean Boots for an early Christmas present this year. Unfortunately I’ve been having some issues with getting the sizing right. I stopped by their Albany store during Thanksgiving and tried on a few different pairs. I was wearing regular socks when I tried them on, mostly because I wasn’t planning on wearing them with extra thick socks all that often. The problem is, that’s how these boots are meant to be worn. I’m usually a 11.5 or 12 depending on the shoe, and per L.L.Beans suggestion, I tried a size down. I felt like my feet were swimming in the 11’s. I tried the 10’s which fit with thin socks but felt a little tight in the toe, and wearing them with Rag Wool socks won’t leave that extra room they require for proper circulation. Not to mention my feet looked tiny in them which bothered me for some reason. After a few returns and re-orders, I believe I’ve finally found the fit solution…

As stated before, the Bean Boots are meant to be worn with thicker, Rag Wool socks, however several people wear them with regular medium thickness socks with no problem. If you’re like me and in between sizes, the best option is to wear very thick socks, or add their shearling insoles. These provide not only additional comfort to the boots, they also allow for wearing regular socks with a great fit and added warmth.

Overall this entire ordeal has been going on for about two or three weeks, with ordering and reordering sizes, but L.L Beans customer service and return policy has been exceptional during the entire ordeal. I’m glad I was finally able to figure this whole sizing issue out and hope this post will help anyone else who may be having similar issues.



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