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With the impending storm that’s about to hit the Northeast, one must be prepared to brave the elements with the proper tools. Say for example, your furnace goes and you’re forced to chop down a tree for firewood. This handsome Axe from Best Made Co. will do the job just fine. It’s imperative to keep warm, so this Frank & Oak Tuque and Upstate Stock gloves will shield your extremities from the elements. Layering, as we all know, is of the upmost importance and lately I’ve been living in my lambswool sweater from Cortefiel. Keep your lower half warm and dry with a pair of Howes & Baum long johns, L.L.Bean Bean Boots and Ragwool socks. Finally, whenever it’s snowing out I’ve always enjoyed watching Empire Strikes Back. Of all the restored movies it has the least amount of offensive additions, and the Hoth scenes make you feel like you’re living the movie when it’s a blizzard outside.

So now you should be more-or-less prepared to battle this oncoming storm in style. Stay warm and be safe everyone!


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Space Dandy


If you’re like me and ever thought, “Gee Buffalo Dandy is pretty awesome, but what if it was based in Outer Space?” than I’ve got good news! Coming this January to Adult Swim: SPACE DANDY! Not only does the main character have my haircut, he also appears to utilize one of my signature “thumbs up” poses. Not sure the varsity jacket counts as a dandy style, though. Regardless, the series comes from the creators of one of the best animes ever, Cowboy Bebop, so you know it’s going to be great. Check out the trailer below.


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