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If you’ve been following watches at all in the past few months, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Detroit-based Shinola. During the Holidays, there seemed to be a surge of interest in these timepieces as several people received them as gifts, which only further fueled my envy and desire to own one. Their Runwell Chronographs are at the top of my list, providing pretty much everything I’ve been looking for a rugged, “luxury” watch: a large, pop-colored dial, contrasting second hands, larger side chrono buttons, and of course, the fact that they’re made in the US  being one of the main selling points. For the price of $775, it will certainly be one of the more expensive watches I’ve owned, but with my current efforts of scouring ebay for a vintage Omega, I’m torn on whether or not I need another chronograph or if I would be happier with spending the money on a more classic looking piece which has some history to it. Decisions, decisions.

There are those who feel Shinola aren’t worth the price and you’re only paying for the “Made in Detroit” tagline. However, with the watches selling out faster than they can be made, it’s undeniable that the marketing is working. Plus they’re just great looking watches. Thoughts?



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