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If you happen to find yourself in Singapore in the near future (hey you never know), may I suggest stopping by the newly opened House of Dandy. Occupying 2,200 square feet with seating for 60, this sophisticated newcomer showcases not only a great name, but a cozy, masculine interior, with hand-cut walnut wood Chevron parquet, striped ceilings and wood and iron bar stools. Whilst inspired by gentlemen’s clubs of days gone by, this modern version has a much more inclusive policy, aiming to be more laid-back and whimsical than the traditional single-sex establishments of yore.


Behind the bar, an award-winning mixologist has created molecular libations that reflect the multicultural experiences of its owners, a perfect example being the Dandy Threesome flavoured with lemongrass, ginger and kaffir limes leaves. In addition, five special cocktails will be offered quarterly to keep the menu fresh and relevant. Current highlights include Rake’s Ration, served in a mason jar for two, a concoction of 4 different liquor and liqueurs which is then lengthened with IPA beer and candy-inspired drinks such as The Dandy Warhol with its sour candy-influenced flavor profile as well a large selection of big brand and boutique spirits.


House of Dandy aims to be a bastion of good taste and good fun, offering not just your perfectly mixed cocktail but a lifestyle experience as well… “ where old school charm meets modern day antics.” And yes, the pictures of people in tuxes wearing Stormtrooper helmets is awesome too.


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