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Carhartt Oxford Rib Shirt



Here’s another update to a classic shirt that I’m not entirely sure I’m 100% onboard with, but at the same time I’m like, “that’s kinda cool…” Carhartt’s Oxford Rib Shirt takes the classic OCBD and gives it a sporty twist with striped ribbed cuffs usually found on varsity jackets. For fans of the classic sport look, this one might be a no brainer, and the shirt will certainly turn a few heads with inquires of “wait, what?”. It’s not for everyone, but with the right outfit, I dunno, I think it could work. Available in blue, white and grey. Thoughts?



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Today is national Pink Shirt Day, encouraging everyone to wear a pink shirt in support of taking a stand against bullying. This is a cause very near and dear to my heart and I encourage everyone to don their dandiest pink shirt today because, as we all know, real men wear pink. If you’re already dressed for the day, not to worry, you can head over to and make a donation to show your support.

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Keeping with the “let’s keep things casual” trend, the Popover Shirt has been making a comeback this Spring. Part polo, part dress shirt, there is some discrepancy over where the shirt originated from, although it’s generally referred to as “how Italians do American style”. It seems like a nice casual shirt, definitely a solid choice for the warmer months or just for layering. I’m not sure I’m 100% onboard with it yet, but what I do like about it (especially at J.Crew) is if this a style you can see yourself getting behind it’s available in a wide variety of fabrics, making it easy to swap out depending on the weather. Proper Cloth has some great customizable options worth checking out and Brooks Brothers has a nice oxford one on sale for only $40. However J.Crew, as expected, appears to have the best options so far.

Proper Cloth $125 | Brooks Brother$80 (on sale for $40) | J.Crew $75

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Found this on Tumblr this morning and thought I would share. This sounds absolutely perfect and I want this to happen as soon as possible.

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This weather has many of us feeling the blues, but luckily I’ve been keeping warm in my Kenneth Cole Topcoat and Ludlow Vest from J.Crew. The topcoat is the perfect shade of navy and has a nice slim fit to it while the vest is surprisingly warm and easily one of my favorite recent purchases.

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If you’ve been searching for an affordable, rugged looking watch strap, you may want to check out fellow blogger and their latest post featuring Vieux Halloo Watch Straps. Sourced from the Horween Leather Company as well as other Oregon-based tanners, each strap is handmade and comes in a  variety of colors and finishes. Inspired by the rally cry of Fox Hunters when spotting their quarry (View Halloo!), the straps are a fraction of the cost compared to other companies. Plus it reminds me of this scene from Marry Poppins which always puts a smile on my face.


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This never-ending Winter has clearly taken it’s toll on all of us, leaving many to wonder if there is any light at the end of the tunnel. Suitsupply is looking to provide that light with a highly controversial and very NSFW campaign for their Spring/Summer Collection.

“After so many months of rain, cold and snow you may have forgotten what summer even looks like,” says founder and CEO Fokke de Jong. ”Our vibrant new campaign should serve as a welcome reminder of the warmer days ahead. Plus,” he adds, “the way we shot it ought to put a smile on your face.”

The homepage prompts you to view either a censored or uncensored version of the campaign. Upon selecting the obvious choice, the collection, which is comprised of brightly colored, impeccably tailored suits and warm weather essentials, is showcased while being surrounded by beautiful topless women all frolicking about having (what appears to be) the most fun ever. The looks on the men’s faces says it all. This is what Summer is all about and what every beer commercial promises in their ads but in a slightly more subtle way. Of course, while such topless ads are common in places like Europe, let’s remember we’re a country founded by prudes and “eek, boobs!”

To me it seems this is a bit of shock-for-shock’s sake style of ad campaign, but I admit, in a way it’s kind of brilliant because it will certainly have people talking. Thoughts?

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Hopefully you’ve remembered that today is Valentines Day. But in case you didn’t and are currently freaking out about what to get that special lady in your life, Buffalo Dandy has you covered with a quick and easy last minute gift guide which can easily be take care of during your lunch break or on your way home from work tonight.

  • Champagne – First, you can never go wrong with a nice bottle of champagne. Moet Rose Imperial has always been a favorite of ours and even comes in a color befitting of the “holiday”. Swing by the liquor store and pick up a bottle. Done.
  • Hand Written Letter – This one is easy and requires very little or a lot of effort depending on how romantic you want to be. Write a hand written love letter. Whether short or long, confessing your unwavering love for her or just letting her know how much you appreciate her putting up with your B.S. all the time, this is way better than a prefabricated card and shows you took the time to write something down and be a romantic instead of just sending a text message.
  • Perfume – Pick out a nice perfume, either by yourself or with some help to give your lady a signature scent. Personally, I’m a fan of the Michael Kors. Light, not too strong but still sweet smelling. Most places in the mall should have this.
  • A Dozen Roses – This should be a no brainer, but let me share with you a little secret I’ve been using for the last few years. Websites like are great but cost a fortune during Valentine’s Day. Go the extra mile (and save a little money) by dropping off the flowers yourself at her office. It’s very romantic and will surely make the rest of her coworkers jealous. 😉
  • Alex & Ani Bracelets – Jewlery is another hot ticket item on Valentine’s Day. These Alex & Ani Bracelets are everywhere lately and are starting to to grow on me. Pick a custom message or just a cool looking design like this Quill Feather Bracelet which has some blah blah blah meaning to it. Whatever it just looks cool.
  • Chocolates – Lastly, you have to do chocolates, so why not get her the best chocolates Buffalo has to offer. Alethea’s Chocolates have a fantastic selection at every price point imaginable. I’m sure they’ll be packed today, but swing on in if you’re feeling brave and show her you went the extra mile instead of picking up a crappy box of stale chocolates at Rite Aid.

Hopefully this helps, gents. Good luck. Of course I’m sure you don’t need it because you called ahead weeks ago for those reservations tonight, right?

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In two weeks Buffalo Dandy will be an exhibitor at The Buffalo Aficionado Event. Designed for the rising young professionals of WNY, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about and sample the trends, service and products from local businesses and influencers looking to build a new Buffalo. Our friends from the Buffalo Whiskey Guild and Bureau will also be in attendance, as well as several other vendors showcasing shaving products/demos, mixology talks, cigar rolling, travel planning, golf simulators and much more. Buffalo Dandy is honored to be a part of this event and we are looking forward to sharing our fashion tips, trends and insights with attendees.

The event will be hosted at the Hotel Lafayette on Friday, February 28th from 6-9pm. Tickets can be purchased here for $75.

For more information check out their Facebook page.

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Buffalo appears to be trapped in an endless Winter this year, but that doesn’t mean it’s too soon to start planning for Summer. If I may offer a suggestion, check out The Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club “Discover Buffalo Sailing” Program. Taking place the first 5 weeks of the sailing season, the program will expose you to basic sailing skills through a structured program of onshore chalk-talks and on the water, hands-on experience. Club boat owners are volunteering their equipment to give you the best possible experiences. Mentors and seasoned crew members will coach you as you learn how the wind and the sails move the vessel through the water. The program will include basic boat handling, safety, and mock race starts.

The 2014 season will kick off on Wednesday April 30th from 6:30-8:30pm with an orientation session that will outline the program expectations, recommended equipment and boat assignments. It will also be a “meet the skipper” night as all participants and fellow crew members will be introduced. This meeting will be held at Obersheimer Sailing Supply 1884 Niagara St. Buffalo, NY 14207 in the second floor sail loft.

Basic club membership, should you choose to enroll, is an incredible $50. So basically, you get to sail all Summer for 50 bucks… Why wouldn’t you do this?! If you remember my post a while back, Buffalo is a fantastic city for sailing, offering breathtaking views of the city and an introduction to a great community of people. Spots are filling up fast so if you’re interested I would suggest heading over to the website and signing up today. If this is a bit too far in advance for you, refunds can be offered up till April 20th.

While filming their “Buffalo: America’s Best Designed City” feature, Paget Films also took some incredible shots of the BHSC. Check it out below:

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