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Hopefully you’ve remembered that today is Valentines Day. But in case you didn’t and are currently freaking out about what to get that special lady in your life, Buffalo Dandy has you covered with a quick and easy last minute gift guide which can easily be take care of during your lunch break or on your way home from work tonight.

  • Champagne – First, you can never go wrong with a nice bottle of champagne. Moet Rose Imperial has always been a favorite of ours and even comes in a color befitting of the “holiday”. Swing by the liquor store and pick up a bottle. Done.
  • Hand Written Letter – This one is easy and requires very little or a lot of effort depending on how romantic you want to be. Write a hand written love letter. Whether short or long, confessing your unwavering love for her or just letting her know how much you appreciate her putting up with your B.S. all the time, this is way better than a prefabricated card and shows you took the time to write something down and be a romantic instead of just sending a text message.
  • Perfume – Pick out a nice perfume, either by yourself or with some help to give your lady a signature scent. Personally, I’m a fan of the Michael Kors. Light, not too strong but still sweet smelling. Most places in the mall should have this.
  • A Dozen Roses – This should be a no brainer, but let me share with you a little secret I’ve been using for the last few years. Websites like are great but cost a fortune during Valentine’s Day. Go the extra mile (and save a little money) by dropping off the flowers yourself at her office. It’s very romantic and will surely make the rest of her coworkers jealous. 😉
  • Alex & Ani Bracelets – Jewlery is another hot ticket item on Valentine’s Day. These Alex & Ani Bracelets are everywhere lately and are starting to to grow on me. Pick a custom message or just a cool looking design like this Quill Feather Bracelet which has some blah blah blah meaning to it. Whatever it just looks cool.
  • Chocolates – Lastly, you have to do chocolates, so why not get her the best chocolates Buffalo has to offer. Alethea’s Chocolates have a fantastic selection at every price point imaginable. I’m sure they’ll be packed today, but swing on in if you’re feeling brave and show her you went the extra mile instead of picking up a crappy box of stale chocolates at Rite Aid.

Hopefully this helps, gents. Good luck. Of course I’m sure you don’t need it because you called ahead weeks ago for those reservations tonight, right?


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