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If you’ve been searching for an affordable, rugged looking watch strap, you may want to check out fellow blogger and their latest post featuring Vieux Halloo Watch Straps. Sourced from the Horween Leather Company as well as other Oregon-based tanners, each strap is handmade and comes in a  variety of colors and finishes. Inspired by the rally cry of Fox Hunters when spotting their quarry (View Halloo!), the straps are a fraction of the cost compared to other companies. Plus it reminds me of this scene from Marry Poppins which always puts a smile on my face.



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This never-ending Winter has clearly taken it’s toll on all of us, leaving many to wonder if there is any light at the end of the tunnel. Suitsupply is looking to provide that light with a highly controversial and very NSFW campaign for their Spring/Summer Collection.

“After so many months of rain, cold and snow you may have forgotten what summer even looks like,” says founder and CEO Fokke de Jong. ”Our vibrant new campaign should serve as a welcome reminder of the warmer days ahead. Plus,” he adds, “the way we shot it ought to put a smile on your face.”

The homepage prompts you to view either a censored or uncensored version of the campaign. Upon selecting the obvious choice, the collection, which is comprised of brightly colored, impeccably tailored suits and warm weather essentials, is showcased while being surrounded by beautiful topless women all frolicking about having (what appears to be) the most fun ever. The looks on the men’s faces says it all. This is what Summer is all about and what every beer commercial promises in their ads but in a slightly more subtle way. Of course, while such topless ads are common in places like Europe, let’s remember we’re a country founded by prudes and “eek, boobs!”

To me it seems this is a bit of shock-for-shock’s sake style of ad campaign, but I admit, in a way it’s kind of brilliant because it will certainly have people talking. Thoughts?

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