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Keeping with the “let’s keep things casual” trend, the Popover Shirt has been making a comeback this Spring. Part polo, part dress shirt, there is some discrepancy over where the shirt originated from, although it’s generally referred to as “how Italians do American style”. It seems like a nice casual shirt, definitely a solid choice for the warmer months or just for layering. I’m not sure I’m 100% onboard with it yet, but what I do like about it (especially at J.Crew) is if this a style you can see yourself getting behind it’s available in a wide variety of fabrics, making it easy to swap out depending on the weather. Proper Cloth has some great customizable options worth checking out and Brooks Brothers has a nice oxford one on sale for only $40. However J.Crew, as expected, appears to have the best options so far.

Proper Cloth $125 | Brooks Brother$80 (on sale for $40) | J.Crew $75


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