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If you recall, a while back we featured ASPECD Apparel and their Kickstarter campaign here on Buffalo Dandy. Since then things have been going quite well for the company, achieving their goal and even sending me a sample of one of their shirts for a Dandy test drive. One of the great things about ASPECD shirts is the in-between sizing for those who are not quite a small, but not quite a medium. Also, the free alterations offered make sure you get the perfect tailored fit. I opted for a plain medium shirt because, after using their fit guide, I misjudge the size of my gut and opted not to get the sides taken in. Upon trying the shirt on, I immediately noticed that it was a bit larger on the sides than I would have likes. The shoulders fit perfectly, so a quick alteration was all that was needed. To make sure, I washed the shirt to see if it would shrink, which it did, but ever so slightly, so the I would highly recommend opting for the slimmer cut.

Fit aside, I love the shirt. It has quickly become a staple in my wardrobe and every time I wear it I get complimented. The length is good, just long enough that it looks casual untucked, but I much prefer the tucked-in look featured above. The shirts come with great packaging including a custom pocket square and a hilarious tote bag which reminds you of what’s inside. If you haven’t checked out ASPECD Apparel yet, head on over to their website and start filling your closet with some of their fantastic shirts.



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