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Before my days as a dapper gentleman, like way back in the day, I fancied myself a surfer. This of course was based on the fact that I had surfed two or three times and wanted nothing more than to be Bodhi from Point Break. Having never moved to SoCal like I planned, I can at least relish in the good old days with this awesome upcoming sweatshirt from Cuisse de Grenouille and Carson Street Clothiers. Based off their original best selling design, the bright navy color and puffy screen-printed graphic is perfectly old school. The French-based brand, which translates into “Frog Legs” and reports to be “for the Gentleman Surfer”, sounds like it was created just for me and I want everything in their collection. The only thing holding me back from snatching this right up is the $150 price tag. I mean, it’s just a sweatshirt. And it’ll be Summer soon. Whatever, I neeeeeeed this.



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