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This past weekend I headed over to Resurgence Brewery Co. with the Buffalo Whiskey Guild to work on a joint post about this new brewery that has gained quite a bit of press lately. I had heard a lot about them both online and through friends asking me about it and was certainly impressed when we arrived. The entire idea behind the brewery comes across quite ingeniously with the space and is a perfect metaphor for Buffalo. The brewery itself is housed in an old factory, with it’s rough brick exterior that looks like it’s been through a thing or two. Once inside, however, you see a completely refurbished and modern space that is welcoming, casual and bright. The long picnic-style wooden tables encourages patrons to sit in larger groups, thus making friends in the City of Good Neighbors even easier. On said tables are a mixture of trivia cards from different boardgames which are sure to spark a few arguments over whether it’s “Moops” or “Moores”, and the giant chalk wall invites the artistic and non-artistic alike to showcase their talents. Once getting a good look around, we ordered a flight of all of the beers currently available at Resurgence which, we were told, is currently their most popular item. Check out BWG for a full rundown of our favorite beers, but in the meantime, I highly recommend stopping by the brewery and not only checking out their amazing interior, but also the incredible outdoor beer garden. With the nights warming up, this will no doubt be a great new hotspot in Buffalo.

Resurgence Brewing Co.
1250 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY, United States
Telephone: (716) 381-9868

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