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With the warmer weather finally here, it’s time for certain wardrobe changes to start happening. While this usually means swapping pants for shorts and long sleeves for shorts sleeves, one of the items which can easily be forgotten about is your watch strap. Since winter I’ve been living in my Throne Watch Strap. The chromexcel band looks awesome on my Seiko diver, but once it started getting warmer and my outdoor activities became more frequent, I knew I needed a strap that could hold up through the Summer. It was during my visit to Chicago that I discovered Suigeneric Watch Straps at Haberdash. The heavy duty waxed cotton straps with simple patterns where just what I was looking for. I held off purchasing one at the time, but once I got home it was all I could think about.

My first choice the Blue/White strap. However, once it arrived in the mail, I was rather disappointed in that the color of the strap was more purple than blue and it looked like it had gotten dirty at some point. I sent the strap back and rather quickly I received my second choice, the Navy/Emerald Green strap, which I was much, much happier with.

I feel like these straps are made for Summer. The waxed cotton material is durable and can withstand getting wet either by sweat or by a random hop in the pool. Even better, the straps have more substance than your basic nylon strap. Meaning a heavier watch like my Seiko finally feels secure on the wrist. Also, I don’t have to worry about Dandy Jr. spilling anything on it or tugging at it.

I’ve been wearing the strap pretty much nonstop for the last few weeks and I already love how well it’s broken in. Initially the band was stiff, but now it fits perfectly on my wrist. It’s distressed here and there in the common areas like the buckle holes and the end of the strap. Naturally as soon as I bought it, this particular style ended up going on sale, but Suigeneric was gracious enough credit me the sales price. If you’re looking for something different than your average NATO strap, I cannot recommend Suigeneric enough.




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