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Oh hell to the yes! Introducing the Man Comb, because you are a man and occasionally need your hair combed/beer opened. This brilliant kickstarter project has particularly piqued our interest here at Buffalo Dandy for several reasons. First, the product looks amazing. Made of brushed stainless steel, the handle is tough as nails and sure to lay waste to any beer bottle it encounters with it’s built in bottle opener. The tortoise colored comb is the perfect compliment to the laser etched graphics, plus it’s made from the same material as airplane windshields so it’s built to last. Finally, the comb has a magnetic catch to ensure when the comb is opened or closed, it stays that way. No need for tightening over time. With a number of contribution options available, including one where you get your own custom carry case, this is a product we can definitely get behind.



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V:King Lawn Game


It’s no secret that Buffalonians are quite fond of lawn games. Our expansive surrounding flatness is ideal for varying outdoor games of skill. While games like Ladder Ball, Tailgate and KanJam are no doubt among the most popular, may I suggest trying a different and much older game… V:King. Inspired by the classic Swedish game Kubb, V:King pits opponents together in a game of skill great for all ages. The rules of the game are quite simple. Each player is given a number of battle axes which are then used to topple the other sides shields. Once those are knocked down, the players take aim at the king which is placed in the center of the arena. The first one to topple the king wins.

The game costs slightly more than your average Walmart brand lawn game, however like so many things, you get what you pay for.  Each piece is made of the highest quality Northern hardwoods, handcrafted in Vermont by expert craftsmen with no paint, glues, stains, dyes or chemicals. It comes in a handy carrying tote that can be reused in varying ways and to avoid excess packing V:King comes in a custom recycled outdoor box. The game is compact, easy to transport and is built to last a lifetime. With sustainability, classic design and quality craftsmanship in mind, V:King is a game you can feel good about playing while you’re playing it.



Check out a video of V:King in action below.

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During a recent trip to NYC, I stopped by Modern Anthology at the behest of a fellow Dandy. For those who are already familiar with the store, well done. For those who aren’t, read on and get your credit card ready because you are about to drop some serious coin.

Modern Anthology is a retail store which specializes in curating a unique selection of new and vintage furniture, home and personal accessories, as well as meticulously crafted clothing that reflects an experienced and masculine lifestyle. More simply put, they procure amazing and one of a kind goods for men. The shop itself is toted as a retail experiment in progress and is ever expanding it’s selection and aesthetic. As if the shop isn’t cool enough on it’s own, it is also a full service interior design firm, offering design and decorating for private residences and commercial spaces. 

The store is a man-cavers dream. Nearly every product in the store begs to be picked up and usually follows with a “oh, that’s cool!”. Each display corner is meticulously arranged, with products  laid out as if a photo shoot was already in progress. The store has everything you could ever want, and even a few things you never knew you wanted but suddenly can’t live without. This pencil sharpener is one of those things along with the foosball bottle opener, wooden rabbit head umbrella, feather quills and nylon rope dog collars. If you happen to be in the DUMBO area, I highly recommend stopping by the shop and checking it out in person. However, if you are unable to make it to store, no worries. Their fully stocked web store will help put a healthy dent into your bank account.

modernanthology2 modernanthology3 modernanthology4 modernanthology5 modernanthology6 modernanthology7 modernanthology8 modernanthology9 modernanthology10 modernanthology11

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TSOVET has just released 3 new, or rather old, watch designs and are officially on my “want” list. The JPT-PW36 draws heavy inspiration from classic timepieces of the past with a the smaller 36mm domed crystal, thinner numbers on the dial and muted colors. The raised inner-ring highlights the dial by offering high-contrast design while maintaining practical functionality. Available in 3 classic colors: matte black, champagne and copper, TSOVET seals the deal with hand-stitched Horween leather straps. All this gives you a great vintage looking watch at an affordable price.



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Check out the latest trend report over at featuring the Best Sunglasses for Summer.

Summer is in full swing here in Buffalo and that means it’s time for some fun in the sun. One of the big trends this summer is the reemergence of the blue lensed sunglasses. Companies are coming up with more vibrant mirrored lenses and pairing them most handsomely with tortoise shell or gold frames. Naturally, black is an option as well, but I find these lenses pop best with the brown frame, so I selected some of the best new sunglasses for Summer at varying price points. Pick your favorite and you’ll be looking Dandy in no time…

Click here to read the full article.

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In case you still needed an excuse to visit Templeton Landing, this week they are officially kicking off their Summer Nights promotion. Martini Monday offers $8 martinis, Tuesday offers a great deal with $10 Scotch/Bourbon specials with cigars by Nice Ash. Wednesday is $5 local beer specials and all week long you can enjoy their 3 Course Prix Fixe menu for only $19.95.

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GQ introduces a hilarious new video series called Gentleman Lobsters which stars two best friend fashionistas who just happen to be lobsters. Part Four-Pins Fashion Bros, part Archer, part Bobs Burgers, some of these jokes hit a little close to home. Can’t wait to see more episodes. Watch the first three below.

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Not sure if you’ve noticed, but there appears to be a resurgence of retro beer cans lately. Miller Lite has been having tremendous success with the return of their original Lite design which appeared in 1975.  Admittedly, I myself have fallen prey to it’s allure and quite enjoy drinking out of the can. Plus it’s not the worst beer you can drink during the Summer, but my companions would disagree with me.

Another company that has jumped on the band wagon but with a much cooler ad campaign is Narragansett Beer. For those with a keen eye, this beer was featured on the hit Summer movie Jaws and is crushed during an awesome scene between Robert Shaw (Quint) and Richard Dreyfuss (Hooper). The campaign encourages fans to “Crush It Like Quint” and submit your photo across various social media platforms. I think it’s a great campaign and is perfectly suited to movie/beer geeks like myself. The beer is a little hard to find around these parts, but if you can, I would definetly try and get my hands on some. Just be sure to #crushitlikequint after you’ve finished it.

CrushIt RetroCans

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While I was hoping to get some yard work done before our 4th of July party tomorrow, the current torrential downpour that’s occurring in Buffalo has afforded me some time to put together a last minute What to Wear post for the most ‘Merican holiday ever. Starting from the bottom up, you’ll want to slip on a pair of Flag Day Sperrys to stay comfortable while dominating those yard games. Next up, the clutch ‘Merica Chubbies are pretty much a required 4th of July wardrobe staple at this point, while the KJP Jack Fritz and Pepsi Bezel Rolex will keep your wrist game tight. It’s not going to be quite tank-top weather tomorrow, so this Thom Browne Oxford will be perfect and this ‘Merica Snapback by New Era should help keep the sun out of your eyes. Lastly, since you will undoubtedly be manning the grille tomorrow, you might as will do it was as much panache as your outfit. These Lightsaber BBQ Tongs will let everyone know the 4th is strong with you…

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[photo courtesy of KC You There]

Last night the fine folks at KC You There invited us and several other Buffalo Influencers to check out the newly revamped Templeton Landing Restaurant. With a fresh new menu and easily one of the best views in Buffalo, Templeton Landing is poised to be a Summer hot spot and one of our new favorite places to go.

Mrs Dandy accompanied me to lend her expertise in the dining portion of the event, as well as looking at the space in terms of hosting events. She was also stunning in her show-stopper of a Michael Kors dress… sorry, lost my train of thought there for  second. Anyways, we arrived to the restaurant and were led out to the main patio for drinks and appetizers. After mingling outside for a little while we were led into the main bar area. The drink selection at Templeton Landing is great, serving up classic Summer cocktails and a wide variety of beers. One word of caution I would put out there is watch out for their margaritas which are incredibly spicy for some reason. Like “so spicy the fire in our mouths wouldn’t go away” spicy.

Next we were led into a small dinning area which is mostly used for private parties. The table sat  20 or so of us with a great view of the water. The food was excellent, particularly upon receiving perhaps the most perfectly cooked medium rare steak I’ve ever had. Our only regret is that the wife and I both ordered the same thing, so we didn’t get a chance to try some of the other items on the menu. This just served as the proper motivation for us to return. After dinner we were led up to the balcony for champagne and dessert.

Whether it’s on the main terrace sitting by the fire in adirondack chairs or up on the balcony, you would be hard pressed to find a better spot in Buffalo to watch a sunset than Templeton Landing. As the champagne flowed, we chatted with other Buffalo bloggers and influencers and watched the sun go down together as we all marveled at what a perfect spot Templeton Landing was for Summer. We cannot recommend Templeton Landing enough for a special event, dinner, or just stopping by for drinks. They are certainly a strong contender for the hashtag #bestspotinbuff.

Thanks again to KC You There for inviting us and for Templeton Landing for a wonderful evening.

TempletonLanding1 TempletonLanding2 TempletonLanding3 TempletonLanding4 TempletonLanding5TempletonLanding6 TempletonLanding7 TempletonLanding8 TempletonLanding9 TempletonLanding10 TempletonLanding11 TempletonLanding12 TempletonLanding13 TempletonLanding14 TempletonLanding15 TempletonLanding16 TempletonLanding17 TempletonLanding18 TempletonLanding19 TempletonLanding20 TempletonLanding21

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