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[photo courtesy of KC You There]

Last night the fine folks at KC You There invited us and several other Buffalo Influencers to check out the newly revamped Templeton Landing Restaurant. With a fresh new menu and easily one of the best views in Buffalo, Templeton Landing is poised to be a Summer hot spot and one of our new favorite places to go.

Mrs Dandy accompanied me to lend her expertise in the dining portion of the event, as well as looking at the space in terms of hosting events. She was also stunning in her show-stopper of a Michael Kors dress… sorry, lost my train of thought there for  second. Anyways, we arrived to the restaurant and were led out to the main patio for drinks and appetizers. After mingling outside for a little while we were led into the main bar area. The drink selection at Templeton Landing is great, serving up classic Summer cocktails and a wide variety of beers. One word of caution I would put out there is watch out for their margaritas which are incredibly spicy for some reason. Like “so spicy the fire in our mouths wouldn’t go away” spicy.

Next we were led into a small dinning area which is mostly used for private parties. The table sat  20 or so of us with a great view of the water. The food was excellent, particularly upon receiving perhaps the most perfectly cooked medium rare steak I’ve ever had. Our only regret is that the wife and I both ordered the same thing, so we didn’t get a chance to try some of the other items on the menu. This just served as the proper motivation for us to return. After dinner we were led up to the balcony for champagne and dessert.

Whether it’s on the main terrace sitting by the fire in adirondack chairs or up on the balcony, you would be hard pressed to find a better spot in Buffalo to watch a sunset than Templeton Landing. As the champagne flowed, we chatted with other Buffalo bloggers and influencers and watched the sun go down together as we all marveled at what a perfect spot Templeton Landing was for Summer. We cannot recommend Templeton Landing enough for a special event, dinner, or just stopping by for drinks. They are certainly a strong contender for the hashtag #bestspotinbuff.

Thanks again to KC You There for inviting us and for Templeton Landing for a wonderful evening.

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