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While I was hoping to get some yard work done before our 4th of July party tomorrow, the current torrential downpour that’s occurring in Buffalo has afforded me some time to put together a last minute What to Wear post for the most ‘Merican holiday ever. Starting from the bottom up, you’ll want to slip on a pair of Flag Day Sperrys to stay comfortable while dominating those yard games. Next up, the clutch ‘Merica Chubbies are pretty much a required 4th of July wardrobe staple at this point, while the KJP Jack Fritz and Pepsi Bezel Rolex will keep your wrist game tight. It’s not going to be quite tank-top weather tomorrow, so this Thom Browne Oxford will be perfect and this ‘Merica Snapback by New Era should help keep the sun out of your eyes. Lastly, since you will undoubtedly be manning the grille tomorrow, you might as will do it was as much panache as your outfit. These Lightsaber BBQ Tongs will let everyone know the 4th is strong with you…


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