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Not sure if you’ve noticed, but there appears to be a resurgence of retro beer cans lately. Miller Lite has been having tremendous success with the return of their original Lite design which appeared in 1975.  Admittedly, I myself have fallen prey to it’s allure and quite enjoy drinking out of the can. Plus it’s not the worst beer you can drink during the Summer, but my companions would disagree with me.

Another company that has jumped on the band wagon but with a much cooler ad campaign is Narragansett Beer. For those with a keen eye, this beer was featured on the hit Summer movie Jaws and is crushed during an awesome scene between Robert Shaw (Quint) and Richard Dreyfuss (Hooper). The campaign encourages fans to “Crush It Like Quint” and submit your photo across various social media platforms. I think it’s a great campaign and is perfectly suited to movie/beer geeks like myself. The beer is a little hard to find around these parts, but if you can, I would definetly try and get my hands on some. Just be sure to #crushitlikequint after you’ve finished it.

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