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During a recent trip to NYC, I stopped by Modern Anthology at the behest of a fellow Dandy. For those who are already familiar with the store, well done. For those who aren’t, read on and get your credit card ready because you are about to drop some serious coin.

Modern Anthology is a retail store which specializes in curating a unique selection of new and vintage furniture, home and personal accessories, as well as meticulously crafted clothing that reflects an experienced and masculine lifestyle. More simply put, they procure amazing and one of a kind goods for men. The shop itself is toted as a retail experiment in progress and is ever expanding it’s selection and aesthetic. As if the shop isn’t cool enough on it’s own, it is also a full service interior design firm, offering design and decorating for private residences and commercial spaces. 

The store is a man-cavers dream. Nearly every product in the store begs to be picked up and usually follows with a “oh, that’s cool!”. Each display corner is meticulously arranged, with products  laid out as if a photo shoot was already in progress. The store has everything you could ever want, and even a few things you never knew you wanted but suddenly can’t live without. This pencil sharpener is one of those things along with the foosball bottle opener, wooden rabbit head umbrella, feather quills and nylon rope dog collars. If you happen to be in the DUMBO area, I highly recommend stopping by the shop and checking it out in person. However, if you are unable to make it to store, no worries. Their fully stocked web store will help put a healthy dent into your bank account.

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