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The weather was absolutely perfect for this year’s Johnny Onion Ride. As always, the group was met with many a curious spectator that wandered up inquiring why so many of us were dressed so overly French, but by far the best part of the ride was the camaraderie amongst the riders. You are hard-pressed to find a more welcoming and enthusiastic group of people than those found at a BLRC ride. Thanks to everyone who attended and we can’t wait to see you all at the next ride.


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Mon Dieu! Buffalo’s own Bon Vivant Mr. Courtney graces the poster of this year’s BLRC Johnny Onion Ride and if there is any doubt of what this event is all about, all you need do is gaze upon this glorious visage. Always an anticipated event, the world’s only Johnny Onion Ride kicks off this Sunday at the crack of noon-ish at Canal Side. Dressing for this event is always particularly fun, as we adore all things French here at Buffalo Dandy. However, with the forecast calling for weather in the upper 70’s, one may have to tweak their outfits accordingly. Luckily, if you find yourself short of a French-inspired alphet, Uncle Sam’s Army Navy Outfitters will have everything you need to look parfait! As an added bonus, mention that you are partaking in the Johnny Onion Ride this weekend and you’ll receive 25% off your purchase! Long sleeve striped shirts (which are actually Russian Naval Shirts), berets, scarfs and pants can all be found there to get you looking as good as Mr Borden below. Hope to see everyone there. Don’t forget to bring some onions for the soup, and maybe a bottle of Cuvée Des Jonquilles. Salut!



[via Facebook]
Oh look! The Moon! This means it’s once again time for the darling of BLRC runs. The Buffalo Lazy Randonneur Club hosts our fourth annual and (still!) world’s only Johnny Onion Ride. On this day we pay homage to AR JOHNNIGED BRO ROSKO, the pedaling peddlers of Breton’s famous Roscoff onions. Research them yourselves and see how fitting this tribute. Under their adopted moniker of Onion Johnny, these intrepid farmers have peddled their onions throughout Great Britain on bicycles. After crossing the channel by ferry, the Onion Johnny strings his bicycle with hundreds of pounds of prized onions to sell to homes and chefs. We do not ask so much of you. 

We do ask that you outfit yourself in [stereo]-typical french maritime or farmer style. Stripes, Berets, Neckerchiefs, etc. Also string a few onions to your own bike and we will add them to a cauldron of french onion soup made at the end of the ride. We gather at noon on the first sunday of autumn at out waterfront park, (port of Buffalo’s own ferry!) From there we lazily ride along bike paths to the rose garden pergola at Delaware Park, our nod to the english rose. Feel free to bring any other refreshments or picnic fare you like. 

As always we request that you remain responsible for your own safety and equipment. Whenever you ride, follow all laws and safety recommendations. 

This is a RAIN OR SHINE event. French sailors and farmers dress like they do for a reason.

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A few weeks back I was contacted by Jack Carlson, who, after saying some very flattering words about Buffalo Dandy, cordially invited the wife and I to a release party for his new book: Rowing Blazers. Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts we were unable to attend, but Jack was kind enough to send me a copy of the book to review. Upon receiving it, my eyes widened at not only it’s size, but how exceptional the design and photography were. Utilizing the talents of preppy photog/blogger/gawd F.E Castleberry, the entire book looks like something out of a Ralph Lauren catalog. Accompanied by the photos is an insightful glimpse into the history of many of the world’s most prestigious rowing clubs and many of its most prominent (and famous) members. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (of The Social Network fame) are two such subjects and joined Jack for the launch party hosted at the Polo Ralph Lauren Flagship Store in NYC.

Honestly, I had a hard time putting the book down. It was a fun and fascinating read about not only the history of the clubs, but the many traditions and stories behind the blazers themselves. Specifically how many of the jackets are handed down from year to year, and aren’t allowed to be washed until a championship is won. These jackets are true badges of honor and it’s the pride of their wearers that make them look so fantastic. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that most of the people featured  in the book are really, really, really ridiculously good looking. Is that some sort of pre-requiset to making the team? Someone needs to look into this…

The book is, in my opinion, an instant preppy classic alongside such greats as Take Ivy and True Prep. Not only does it make a fine addition to your library, it also looks great displayed prominently on your coffee table just begging to be opened. I cannot recommend this book enough to my readers and would like to extend my congratulations to Jack and Fred for making such a fantastic book. Pick yours up here. $33

[photos via facebook]

Check out some of these amazing photos from the launch party below. The outfits, as expected, did not disappoint.

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We’ve been highlighting some great new Fall pieces already here on Buffalo Dandy, but a new favorite of mine has to be this sweater courtesy of our friends from Blue Collar. A combination of several Fall trends we’ve previously mentioned on the blog, this shawl collar sweater from Surfside Supply Co. seams to change color from black to blue depending on the light. This in my mind, helps make the sweater an incredibly versatile piece of wardrobe. The fit is also just incredible. I’m wearing a small in the photo above and it’s cut perfectly along the sides and sits just below the belt. The material is thin enough that you can slide a jacket over it, but still thick enough to keep you warm on those cool Fall days. The donegal flecks throughout give the sweater a great textured look and also adds just the right amount of  nautical flair. Surfside Supply Co. is one of those brands where I love everything they make and this sweater is no exception. It’s a simple take on a classic look that goes with just about anything.

Blue Collar has this and many other great sweaters currently available in their store so I highly recommend stopping by to check out the rest of their selection. As an added bonus, we’ve partnered with Blue Collar to provide a special offer to our readers. Mention this blog post and receive 10% off your next in-store purchase.

Blue Collar
1382 Hertel Ave
Buffalo, NY 14216



Buffalo Dandy received this sweater courtesy of Blue Collar for the purpose of review.

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Omega, one of my favorite watch companies, has paired with my favorite James Bond film to release a one-of-a-kind timepiece commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Goldfinger. The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Goldfinger Watch would make the villian himself envious with its 38.5 mm case is wrapped in a 18k gold and matching bracelet. The hands are 18k yellow gold and are accompanied by a special counterweight bearing the 007 logo. The rotor and bridge are, you guessed it, 18k gold as well along with the oscillating weight and gold ring on the case back reading: GOLDFINGER, 50TH ANNIVERSARY. The watch recently sold at auction for $115,000, so sadly, I won’t be getting my hands on this exquisite timepiece, but that won’t stop me from quoting the movie. “Do you exshpect me to talk?” “No, Mister Bond… I expect you to die!” Also this movie had, in my opinon, the best opening James Bond song ever.


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Once again Dandy favorite Kiel James Patrick starts by enticing his Instagram followers with sneak peaks of new creations hidden either in plain site or within his wardrobe pics. For his latest endeavor he ventures back into familiar territory with an updated, manlier version of his Starboard belts. Dubbed “The Captain Collection”, each belt features a prominent anchor belt buckle paired with pebbled leather in emerald green, navy or tan colorways. Made in the USA, these belts can easily be worn either dressed up or down and are sure to make a fine addition to your Fall wardrobe.




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Salvedge Denim is a new Kickstarter project that designs stylish wallets and tech accessories for the modern adventurer. The startup focuses on 3 things: stylish designs, functional details, and sustainability.

Tired of products in the marketplace that were poorly made, mass produced and with little or no interest in helping the environment, David Chan set out to create a line that not only enhanced your lifestyle, but also benefited the environment. Everything is made to the strictest global standards of eco-friendly production; from their pesticide-free denim to zip holes made of cork. The 12 oz. denim used will age beautifully the more you use it but if it eventually wears out, Salvedge Denim also offers a buy back program. Just fill out their free shipping label to send your product back and it will find new life in bedding for pets, mops and insulation so they never end up in a landfill. With over 13,000,000 tons of textile waste ending up in a landfill each year, anything we can do to reduce that number helps.

The collection includes a Folio Case ($125), Zip Wallet ($55) and Fold Wallet ($45), all which look incredible. For the denim fans out there, these are the products for you. Check out their Kickstarter page to learn more and for a limited time be part of their early bird special  and get the Fold Wallet of for only $35 (limit of 30).


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I’ve been putting off speaking about this trend for quite some time, but I fear it can no longer be ignored. Sweatpants, or “Joggers” as they’re also being called perhaps to justify a higher price point, are currently available in practically every store these days. Initially the trend was written off as fluke for those looking to capitalize on the ever-growing trend of “dressing down” at work, but once slimmer cuts and more high-end materials started being used, the game done changed.

The whole Sweat/Jogger phenomenon was really started by sneaker heads who wanted to show off their shoes. People started tight rolling their jeans again but this lead to the denim bleeding onto the shoes. The elastic cuffs of training pants like the ones Nike produces were a great alternative, and soon companies began following suit with higher-end materials like twill, leather and other luxurious fabrics.

I resisted getting a pair as long as possible, but with Dandy Jr. at home I found myself needing a slimmer cut sweatpant. With all the running and crawling we were doing, the standard issue baggy college sweats just weren’t cutting it. Once I saw J.Crew was on board with a slimmer sweat, I had to at least try them. Naturally I was hooked. They were as comfortable as everyone says and it felt kind of bad-ass wearing $70 sweatpants. Now, let’s be clear. Buffalo Dandy does not endorse wearing sweat pants in the office. Joggers, which can be comprised of denim, twills, etc I think are ok, but it doesn’t really work with a shirt and tie. That being said, fellow blogger Jace Lipstein shows how it can work and look pretty good when paired with a blazer and the perfect shoes. Check out his look below from a recent article in HighSnobiety with Jace showing off his very own Citizen Cotton x Grungy Gentleman sweatpants. The key, he states, to pulling off the look is mixing the high and low; thus the blazer with the sweats. It goes without saying that a certain amount of sprezzatura is necessary to pull it off correctly, but I can’t help but be reminded of this quote from Seinfeld.


However, as we are prone to say here at Buffalo Dandy: Wear what you dig. So perhaps you think you want to give this sweatpants thing a try either just for at home, out on the town or if you have an uber lax dress code at work. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite styles at varying price points for you to get your comfort on. Until they make a pair of Harris Tweed joggers, for now we’ll be sticking with regular pants in the office.

 H&M $30 | Abercrombie $40 | J.Crew $70 | Todd Snyder $118 | Nike $100 | Citizen Cotton x Grungy Gentleman $265 | Band of Outsiders $595 | Thom Brown $380

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It’s been quite a while since we featured some new Bow Ties for Bow Tie Friday, and I think you’d be hard pressed to find a nicer selection that the ones from NBA star Chris Bosh’s latest line of ties humorously called Mr. Nice Tie. Partnering with Armstrong & Wilson, Bosh’s collection looks very dandy indeed. Subtle, classic fabrics with just the right hint of colors. Perfect for Fall, I also love the signature button on the back of the ties. While they may be bit pricier than your average ties, for true fans of Bosh and fine craftsmanship, the price may very well be justified. Comprised of 5 neck ties and 5 bow ties, you can shop the entire collection here.




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With today’s weather starting in the 50’s and ending near the 80’s, dressing in layers is crucial this time of year. After seeing those custom Adirondack kicks from The ADK Outlet, I’ve been obsessed with how great navy Chucks look. Naturally, I had to pick up a pair and they have since become my new everyday shoe. Adding to them is a fresh pair of khakis which are shorter than I usually buy, but show off the ankle nicely, so they serve as the perfect transition after wearing shorts almost every day during Summer.

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