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Salvedge Denim is a new Kickstarter project that designs stylish wallets and tech accessories for the modern adventurer. The startup focuses on 3 things: stylish designs, functional details, and sustainability.

Tired of products in the marketplace that were poorly made, mass produced and with little or no interest in helping the environment, David Chan set out to create a line that not only enhanced your lifestyle, but also benefited the environment. Everything is made to the strictest global standards of eco-friendly production; from their pesticide-free denim to zip holes made of cork. The 12 oz. denim used will age beautifully the more you use it but if it eventually wears out, Salvedge Denim also offers a buy back program. Just fill out their free shipping label to send your product back and it will find new life in bedding for pets, mops and insulation so they never end up in a landfill. With over 13,000,000 tons of textile waste ending up in a landfill each year, anything we can do to reduce that number helps.

The collection includes a Folio Case ($125), Zip Wallet ($55) and Fold Wallet ($45), all which look incredible. For the denim fans out there, these are the products for you. Check out their Kickstarter page to learn more and for a limited time be part of their early bird special  and get the Fold Wallet of for only $35 (limit of 30).



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