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ADK Outlet


After an epic day on the lake this past weekend, the wife, some friends and I headed into Lake Placid to do a little Adirondack-style shopping. One of the shops we happened upon was the ADK Outlet. With a collection of vintage hockey jerseys and rustic, shawl collared sweaters in the window, how could we resist?

The entire store is set up like a Ralph Lauren/Apres Ski still-life with a mixture of vintage collegiate and Adirondack-inspired displays with various nooks and crannies begging to be explored. In the center of the store is a large collection of collegiate-style patches in every possible size which play smartly to the town’s rich history of being home to the 1980s Championship hockey match between the US and Russia. You are encouraged to sift through the patches, find you favorite one (or several) and then pair it with the garment of your choice and it’s placement. It’s then applied right there in the store for you while you wait. You aren’t just limited to apparel, either. You can pick up a pair of Chuck Taylor “inspired” sneakers which can be customized however you like. After seeing one of their ADK high tops, my eyes lit up and my mouth started salivating. I wanted…no NEEDED everything in this store!

Tom Dalton, the owner, prides himself on using the highest quality materials available. He’s been working in the apparel business for over 30 years so he has a great relationship with not only fashion companies, but also the factories they work with. Thus he is able to produce his products to the same standards as places like Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie or Converse. This means the items you see in his store are of a much higher caliber than those you find in your average tourist shop. But the store is just as much for locals as it is for tourists. Those wanting a vintage-looking hockey jersey will find something, as well as those running the Iron Man race or college alumns looking to show some alma mater pride.

Tom also told me they are currently working on a website that will have their garments online and a selection of patches to apply wherever you like. Once it goes live, rest assured we will let you know. Their Facebook page is also, unfortunately, severely lacking so this is a place you will have to visit and see in person. However, this isn’t such a bad thing. With Fall coming up, it’s a perfect time to visit Lake Placid. Another aspect about the store which should seal the deal is how incredibly affordable everything is! With pretty much everything marked down, many of the items are high-end brand name blanks that have been “refurbished” and marked way down to the $70-$40 range. Whether shopping for yourself or for someone else, you will walk out of the ADK Outlet with a completely custom piece that you won’t find anywhere else.

ADK Outlet
2472 Main Street
Lake Placid, NY 12946

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If you’ve been following Buffalo Dandy on Instagram, you know I’m quite fond of posting photos of drinks and pairing them with my favorite records. I thought it would be handy to start cataloging these photos, so I started the hashtag #VinylLibations to keep track of them all. For our first monthly recap we had some real gems on the turntable with new/old school classics and few curveballs thrown in for good measure. Click the links to listen each album and enjoy.

Human Sexual Response “Fig 15” + Victory Brewing Summer Love 

For Men Only + Kilchoman

Purple Rain Soundtrack + Dogfish Head 60 Min IPA

Iron Maiden “Somewhere In Time” + Trooper Ale

Al Green Greatest Hits + Southern Tier 2xIPA

Metallica Kill ‘Em All + Heady Topper

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Hope everyone had a very Dandy Labor Day Weekend! The Wife and I had a splendid time in the Mighty Adirondacks and were sure to pack only the bare essentials for our trip. Have you picked up your own Buffalo Dandy Hat yet? Take it from me, it compliments ever outfit perfectly!

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